One-Arm Bent Over Cable Lateral Raise

One-Arm Bent Over Cable Lateral Raise


1. Grasp the handle of the low pulley with your left hand. 2. Keeping your back flat, bend forward at the waist until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Your legs should be slightly bent with your right hand placed on your lower right knee/thigh. 3. Let your left arm hang beneath your shoulder in front of you with a slight bend at the elbow. This is your starting position. 4. Using your posterior deltoid, raise your left arm out to the side until the arm is parallel to the floor and hand is in line with your ear. 5. Slowly lower the weight back to the original position, allowing your hand to cross the midline of your body for a good stretch in the shoulder. 6. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions, then repeat the movement with the opposite arm.


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