Skyrim Hearthfire DLC - How to Adopt Children And Where to Find Them

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Find more details on Hearthfire adoption here: Where to find kids for adoption: Samuel: 01:30 Runa Fair-Shield - 01:42 Francois Beaufort - 01:59 Hroar - 02:11 Lucia - 02:21 Blaise - 02:50 Sofie - 03:27 How to find the three plots of land to build a house in Hearthfire: How to build a house in Skyrim Hearthfire - This video covers how to adopt children in the second piece of DLC for Skyrim, Hearthfire. How to Adopt & Raise Children --- From WARNING: If purchasing a Children's Room for a pre-existing home, dressers may be removed which can delete any stored items. Prepare to Adopt Travel to any major city in a hold where you own a home. If you don't have a home yet, find out where to buy the new Hearthfire plots of land with the Home-Buying Guide. There, you'll eventually meet a courier. They'll give you two notes; one telling you how to remodel your home to build a Child's Room, and another asking you to consider adoption. Check out more details on the Home-Building Guide. Before adopting, you'll need to remodel and create a Child's Room. Doing so will replace your Alchemy Lab. Adopting a Child Once you have a Child's Room, and have the note from the courier, travel to Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. In the orphanage, talk to Constance Michel. Ask her about adoption. She'll offer to send a kid to your default home. At the Orphanage, you can adopt three children. Francois Beaufort -- Male Breton Runa Fair-Shield -- Female Nord Samuel -- Male Imperial Hroar -- Male Nord Additional Adoptable Children Aleson -- Found in Dawnstar, near the Mines. Lucia -- Found in Whiterun, on the streets. Sofie -- Found in Windhelm, on the streets. Blaise -- Found at Katla's Farm, in the stables. The farm is located in Haafingar, off the main road from Solitude. Raising Children Once a child is adopted, there are multiple ways you can interact. Children can be given chores, given presents, or played with. Children can be given five different types of apparel, with separate types of clothes for boys and girls: Red/Yellow/Green/Grey/Blue The Child's Doll can be used to play with your female children. The Wooden Sword can be used to play with your male children. Can also be equipped as a regular sword. Download the new Game Front iPhone App for free- For the best gaming news, visit - Facebook - Twitter -