WTF? Someone sent a "Man Crate" to my house?!

WTF? Someone sent a "Man Crate" to my house?!


An anonymous package arrived at my door today. It wasn't until an hour ago that I was able to identify the culprits.

Mystery Box Opening!

Well, one person enjoyed the gifts.

Don't Ask A Mom Why She Is Tired

I am positive this will bring me some disgruntled messages, but I don't care...Moms run the show and YES we are tired. Tired as a Mother! So don't ask a Mom why

I Decided: Tiffany Jenkin's Story of Recovery

Cheerleader, Dropout, Addict, Inmate, Fighter, Wife, Mother, Survivor, Activist. Tiffany Jenkins is living proof that life after addiction IS possible. In hono

One of my followers sent me a mystery box!

Thank you Susan Link 💜💜💜💜

The BEST gift idea for men: Man Crates | GetConnected

Don't know what to get for the men in your life? Man Crates are wooden crates full of goodies he will definitely appreciate. AJ and Andy have a look at two of t

I Went To ULTA and Bought Some Things.

I bought a couple of cool things and tried them out!

This Guy Found Hidden Basement Room . What He Found inside Is Hauntingly Awesome.

source: source : join us in our second channel..let's help animals together Moving into a new house is alway

30 Unusual Beds Not Only For Sleep You've Never Seen Before

Leaving your bed to go to work or school is one of life’s hardest struggles. Let's take a look at some of the most unusual beds that you’ve never seen befor

The Crown: The Real-life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

The Crown returns to Netflix this year. Do you miss this royal family? But Claire Foy who portrayed a young Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith who played Prince P

OMG. "Say Anything" & "Bean-Boozled". Ive never laughed so hard.

My sister came over and we had a blast doing these challenges. My cheeks still hurt from laughing. Follow me on FB: /Jugglingthejenkinsblog Read the blog @ www

ACID-NEEDLE MICRO EYE PATCH? Don't mind if I do...

Ya'll know I love keeping up with the latest beauty trends.. This week, I decided to get DANGEROUS. Products Used:


Our first trip to Disney! Had to record on my phone. I have decided that I am officially not a Disney person. I was too tired to even vlog and edit properly, s


LINKS BELOW! I opened a couple "Mystery Boxes" from Ebay because I'm dumb. ART IG: Join 3 million others! FO


I went to Ulta and bought some fun stuff to play with. Also, it turns out, I am actually not good at things, so.... IG:

My Reaction to a BEAUTIFUL SUPRISE From My Supporters.

I know it's long, I know I am hideous when I cry, but this is truly one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me. I am so blessed.

1988 Mom Vs 2018 Mom

I am a product of the 80's. I think a lot of my parenting style is from the 1980's but, there are times when I am a total 2018 Mom. Which Mom are you? Maybe a b

Opening Your Packages (With a Beard)

Forgive the beard, I filmed a video prior to digging into these goodies and was way too excited to wait til I washed it off, lol. I wrote a book! Get it here:

Man Crates: Slaughterhouse Crate Unboxing

I received this as a birthday gift from a friend. I had no clue what it was, but it came with a crowbar, and had Man Crates branded on the box. I checked out t

Spanx & Ex Boyfriends - TRUE STORY

Let's rally together and burn all the Spanx... and ex-boyfriends.. Jkjk *I wrote a book! Get it here:

Black Charcoal Face Mask!!!!!

You asked for it people. IG: Tiffany.johnson16 Snapchat: Tiffany.jenkins Po box 51991 Sarasota, FL 34232

Three Day VLOG | Stressed but so damn blessed.

Had a busy couple of days and actually remembered to grab my camera! See below for full interview links and more! As Seen In Video: In

Paris & I play the Newlywed Game.


TMI Warning|Storytime|L.A.

My trip to LA would have been magical, had I not been sick as a motherlovin' dog. Here's my first ever "Storytime" (I think that's what the cool Youtubers call

Answering YOUR Questions!

I asked you all to ask me questions on my Facebook page ( and you asked over a hundred. I narrowed it down to these

Parent/Teacher Conference- Now vs Then

Facebook in Real Life.

What Facebook would look like in real life. More Stuff: v v I wrote a book! Get it here:

Office Makeover VLOG - FML

My sister and I had a last minute idea to organize my office. It took over 8 hours. Soo...Good times. *PATREON! *Fin

Me and My Sister's Relationship Be Like:

I have never loved/wanted-to-punch, anyone in the face as much as I do my sister. Can anyone else relate?!


Women...ya can't live with 'em, ya can't live without em. Amirite? I wrote a book! Get it here:

Blind Date: Marriage Edition

I wrote a book! Get it here: *Website (Recovery from addiction stories & more!):www.

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial Using Household Items.

Just realized I never uploaded this! Check out my facebook! Follow me on Instagram!

I tried the black charcoal toothpaste... Things got weird.

I love trying wacky products, if you know of any- let me know! Follow me on: http://www.jugglingthejenkins.c

Contour - PART 2

The first time I attempted to contour, I made a huge mistake. I decided to come back better prepared this time. *It should be noted, that this is the first v


My sister and I were long overdue for some shenannigans. Check out our vid and give us some other game suggestions in the comments! . . FOLLOW ME ON OTHER STUFF

BLOOPERS! Me vs Also me



I have no clue what Im doing. Music:

My First EVER Makeup Tutorial!!!!

Get Ready With Me videos are ALL the rage these days, so I decided to get in on the action. More Stuff: v v I wrote a book! Get it here:

Trying to start a new diet be like....

This is the most accurate depiction of my life that I've ever created. *PATREON! *Find me on FACEBOOK! http://www.f

VLOG - Fair, Fitness & First Day's.

Weekly Vlog! I went on a couple adventures this week. Things are about to change BIG TIME. * *I wrote a book! Get it here:

VLOG | Etsy, New interviews & Pumpkin.

Before you tell me, I know there is a song about Heffalumps and Woozles. The song my dad sang was one he made up about parades, lol. You had to be there. Links

NEVER Tell a Mom She's Underqualified.

Mom's are super heroes. More Stuff: v v I wrote a book! Get it here: *Website (Re