The Most Unsettling, Creepy TV and Film Logos Of All Time

The Most Unsettling, Creepy TV and Film Logos Of All Time


Hideous, loud, unsettling, spooky, or just bad. These may have scared you as a kid after TV shows, or before movies. This is a compilation of logos that just aren't quite right. This video is basically just me futzing around with iMovie, so don't expect quality. I obviously do not claim to own anything here. Thanks to JohnnyL80, MachineryNoise, and DudeThatLogo for many of the captures used.

The Most Unsettling, Creepy TV & Film Logos Of All Time PART 2

UPDATE: EPILEPSY warning around 2:35-2:40, 7:10-7:48! VOLUME warning at 1:48! Sorry I didn't catch these earlier guys. More sinister synths! More hideous grap

Oddity Archive: Episode 23 - Scary Logos (and other Nostalgic Video Terrors)

For those of the TV and Video(tape) generations, end logos (rather inexplicably) tended to scare a lot of us--but why? Also, we'll take a look at some other no

Top 300 Most Unsettling Logos Ever (1st Edition)

Greetings, fellow viewers. After weeks of production, I finally bring you the ultimate Scariest Logos countdown. Specifically, I count down the top 300 most eer

National Educational Television Logo History

"NET Logo History" - By TR3X PR0DÚCTÍ0NS, 21/04/2018 Here is a logo history of a well-known former American television station that lasted short but triumphan

10 Creepy Vintage Videos (scary footage)

From a weird massive pig to the most scary house ever. MORE LISTS Twitter

VHS Logo Mix, Analog, Synth, Vaporwave VII

More old VHS and TV Company logos. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: http

What Makes A Logo Scary?

In this video, I go into detail and explore the question of what makes a logo scary, and discuss three main catagories of scare factors, and show some examples

Logos Known to Cause Seizures (FULL LIST)

This is the entire list of logos that are known to cause seizures. I don't own the logos. No copyright infringement intended. WARNING: If you have epilepsy,

Best Movie Studio Logos

Movie Blog: Here are 58 of the best and most important film company logos. Many of these are in 1080p so view it in the highest qua


A sequence of trademarks created by Chermayeff & Geismar animated by Sagi Haviv of Chermayeff & Geismar. More of Chermayeff & Geismar's work on www.cgstudionyc.

All vhs companies from the 80’s logos

All rights of this video belong to little whore records and the original video distributors, this was just made as a compilation video

Top 10 scariest Logos Part 2

I got another copyright strike. I deleted the video and put fair use banners in it so thats why i have fair use banners twice in this video. Hey guys Its Kai He

Top 100 Scary Logos

REMINDER: I originally made this video on my "TheLogoFan193" account but I decided to add both parts into this video. Anyways enjoy watching this. *PLEASE* no s

Old TV And Video Logo's Compilation

This is a compilation of vintage television and vhs logo's I put together. Enjoy this flood of nostalgia. The last 2 are just jokey ones.

LOGOS Compilation Film Companies Donation to help me keep uploading more videos :) Thank you! // Compilation of some of the best and most important film company

The Complete Collection of Nightmare Logos 2016 (CLG Wiki)

This is the complete collection of nightmare logos on the CLG Wiki. I worked very hard on this video. This took six hours to make. There are almost 300 logos in

Film and TV Studio Logos

MOVIE & TV COMPANY IDENTS 0:00 Unknown Title 0:10 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) 0:48 Valley Girl (1983) 1:00 Unknown Title 1:22 Unknown Title 1:36

Over 200 VHS Logos

I have a ton of VHS tapes in my collection and a lot of them have amazing and not so amazing animated VHS Logos on them. Here are about 200 of them! Follow It

The Ultimate Nightmare Logo Collection v3

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the logos included in this compilation are from me, they are all originally uploaded by other fellow YouTube/DailyMotion users. Th
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