Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols

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It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas Twitter ➤ Instagram ➤ Second Channel ➤ Merch ➤ Additional artists: Rushlight Invader ➤ Annie Loomis ➤ ToonCee ➤ AntiDarkHeart ➤ PantslessPajamas ➤ hyojin ➤ Hexrin ➤ Kat ➤

Getting Recognized part 2

I'm going to be attending alot of conventions/meetups soon, so if we do meet, it's ok that you're awkward, I'm awkward too. :^) Mario maker's that I like CarlS


Minecraft | THE LUCKIEST SPEED BUILD!! ► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: ► Follow Me on Twitter ::

🔴 Teen Titans Go! | DC Super Hero Month | DC Kids

We've assembled the very best from Teen Titans Go! Seasons 1 - 3 in an action-packed livestream, what is your favorite moment!? #DCKids #TTG #SuperHeroMonth Te

Top 5 Worst Dates

ok so like yeah... valentines day is mehh

Things That I Do That Adults Probably Don't Do

Are any of these normal for an 18 year old to do?? Do you do any of these? Twitter ➤ Website ➤

The Indestructable Piñata

The whole point of a piñata is that it breaks easily. if you made an indestructible one, you did something wrong. They should make more things out of paper mac

Embarrassing Times to get Recognized [MAP]

Big shout-out to all the amazing animators who worked on this MAP. Check out everyone who worked on this down below. AmyRightNow Behind the scenes: https://ww

Monsters You Didn't Know Were Under Your Bed

If you need a cool Halloween costume idea, then I got some spooky monsters you should definitely not dress up as. Happy Halloween! Check out my new card game '


So this one time, a Disney World security guard pulled something scandalous out of my purse. Interviewed by Mike Mixtape:

Buying Clothes

If I spend $40 on jeans I expect it to last for the rest of my life. My belt is a shoe-lace. Second Channel ➤

Our Cats :3

How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?' Cat Puuuurrrson shirt:

Ari's First Christmas feat. Weeaboo Misaki (read description)

just a disclaimer, there's been some controversy going around about samurai buyer. people saying it's a scam, the company saying it's not... i found out about t

*Major* Injuries I had as a Kid: Day 17

If we don't count the stitches I got from getting my wisdom teeth pulled, then I am 100% stitch free. And all my bones have stayed in tact, thanks bones. Twitt

(more) School Stories!!!

I know that school videos are common but guess what. I also went to school and I reserve the right to talk about it :) Merch:

Reacting to my old art

Finally done! It's cool to see how much I've improved in the past 3.5 years. There were a lot of things I didn't know about paint tools sai back then. I didn't

Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Pinocchio...)

SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► The Disney Princess Problem ►► What is Disney's Body Count? ► https

The Spiders and the Bees

Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees. Win a trip to VidCon ➤ Scribble Sh

True Ending 'The Problematic Farmer' w/ Draw with Jazza

There's a reason books don't have two authors. CaseyNeistat's Charity ➤ Jazza's Video ➤

Academy Anecdotes (School Stories)

Have you ever wondered what I did in school? Well let me just tell you the good parts. Jaiden's School Stories video ➤

Drawing Pokémon From Memory w/ Jaiden Animations

Drawing's hard especially when you don't have a good memory. Jaiden's video ➤

Odd1sout funny moments

Funny right? This is an updated version of previously made compilations by others. I hope you enjoy. His channel:

My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences

Everyone has had crazy like a taxi but not experiences amirite...These are my stories CHUN CHUN (like uhh from that show) New Merch Store: https://creatorink.c


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WE GOT PINS FOR SALE :) Check em out: Where I've Been: Hey guys, long time no see :) i'm sorry for my long break.

Secret Ending! "It's You, It's Me" Undertale Fangame

The True Mercy Battle! With commentary / reactions. Play the game yourself! It's You, It's Me is an

Christmas Challenge | Minecraft Crazy Craft VS.

Please *boop* the like button if you enjoy the video! :) A Minecraft Crazy Craft VS. series with my fiancé Joel! We compete in themed challenges on a Crazycra

My Weirdest Dreams (ft. TheOdd1sOut)

New story time video about some of my weirdest dreams c': Thanks so much to TheOdd1sOut for being a special guest in this video! Check out his channel if you h

A Holiday Message To Mom And Dad

We have this fight every holiday... and it needs to stop GET T-SHIRTS: SEE ME ON TOUR: Animation

The Biggest Lies I Regret Telling

A new Wolfychu story time video about the biggest / dumbest lies I've told! Get you own Wolfychu merch: Check out Jordan's
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