How TO Cable TV self install. Identify (only) the CABLE wire! Comcast Charter TWC Roadrunner

How TO Cable TV self install. Identify (only) the CABLE wire! Comcast Charter TWC Roadrunner


Note: This video is to HELP the self installer who has a self install KIT from the cable company through a difficult process. Note: This video is not about stealing cable. It is not about connecting the cable to Comcast or any providers vTAPS. This is the job of the cable installer. They will install the cable here in this room. You should not and must not install the cable. You are only looking to see what the cable looks like. This is about visual hands off verification of what cable from HERE goes into your HOME. That's it. This is simply showing you how you might tell which cable that is goin g into your house will be the cable from this area which is live. The installer has already installed your cable. You are just verifying that the cable WAS installed. After all if your cable is not connected here, then your self install will not work at home as you will have no signal. Just because the self installer kit came in the mail and the cable boxes came in the mail - it does not mean the installer got to your address yet and made the connection to the live cable network yet. As my other videos show - you'll have one main cable coming in from the cable provider (This one) and a bunch of cables going to different rooms. You will need to connect up a splitter to handle this situation. To figure out which cable inside your house has The main cable signal You may want to check outside first Find your cable outside and take a picture of it. And make sure your cable is connected to the cable operator. To any Cable Installers who don't like this video - due to your nasty comments - I have disabled posting comments to this video. Peace OUT.

How To Cable TV Self Install ATT Comcast Charter Cable Time Warner Cable video 1

How To Cable TV Self Install ATT Comcast Charter Time Warner video 1

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