MUM Thailand 2014 - Site to Site VPN on ADSL with Mikrotik

MUM Thailand 2014 - Site to Site VPN on ADSL with Mikrotik


Download English Presentation and script file at or at


Mikrotik VPN PPTP L2TP

การติดตั้ง vpn โดยใช้ Mikrotik

การเชื่อมต่ออินเตอร์ด้วยอุปกรณ์ MikroTik RouterBoard โดย อำนวย ปิ่นทอง

พื้นฐานการเชื่อมต่ออินเตอร์เน็ต 1.) เหมาะสำหรับผู้ที่เริ

What is a Virtual Private Network | How VPN works and why VPN is not all you need for privacy

What is a Virtual Private Network? And why using a VPN is not enough to protect your online privacy? There is also a way to be completely anonymous on the web.

ISP or Local ISP Bandwidth Management with MikroTik PCQ

MikroTik PCQ is a useful service to any ISP Company for managing client bandwidth. Network administrators of any ISP Company or any Enterprise Office can easily

MikroTik IPsec Site to Site VPN Configuration

MikroTik Site to Site IPsec VPN ensures an encrypted and authenticated secure tunnel between two routers across public network. So, local networks of these rout

VPN Beginner's Guide 2019 | VPN Security Tips

Learn the basics of VPN, or virtual private networks. Links & downloads in description 🔻🔻🔻 LIKE ✔️ COMMENT ✔️ SUB ✔️ Get a VPN & Support Th

MikroTik Tutorial 19 - How to Configure VPN and Dynamic DDNS

Learn MikroTik RouterOs Tutorial Series (english) In this tutorial, I will show you how to configure VPN access and Dynamic DNS on your router. With these confi

CAPsMAN v2 (MikroTik Wireless Controller) - Lab Demonstration

Tasks of the CAPsMAN v2 demo: 1. Use 3 different RBs – 1 CAPsMAN and CAP roles, 2 and 3 – CAP role 2. Configure L2 CAP to CAPsMAN Connection with 2 Wi-Fi ne

สร้าง VPN Server จาก mikrotik เพื่อให้ Site วิ่งเข้ามาทำงานได้หรือ

จะให้ทาง H office วิ่งไปดูและควบคุมฝั่งหน้า Site งาน เหมือนเดิมค

Redirect HTTPS Hotspot Login Page Mikrotik Self-Signed Certificate

How to redirect the access https hotspot login pages of the Mikrotik Hotspot Server using OpenSSL Self-Signed Certificate. Importing the key and Certificate to

VPN - Virtual Private Networking

Follow the Insanity at: Downloadable Podcasts at: iTunes:

setting up MikroTik as L2TP VPN server with IPSec and AES up to 256 bit encryption

This video shows how to configure MikroTik router as L2TP VPN server for clients as well as encryption enabled by IPSec and AES up to 256-bit. Download Firewall

TOP 10 RouterOS Configuration Mistakes

TOP 10 RouterOS configuration mistakes by Andis Āriņš ( - Andis Arins, Latvia)

Mikrotik VPN Site to Site IPSec HQ to Multi Branch(Full Video)

Mikrotik VPN Site to Site IPSec HQ to Multi Branch --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For More Video : https://w

Site to site Mikrotik IP SEC

Site to Site IPSec VPN on Mikrotik.

VPN site-to-site on Mikrotik

How to configure vpn site-to-site on mikrotik by Mr.Ye

Mikrotik VPN Remote Access PPTP

In this tutorial we would like to show and Training all of you related with ,How to configure VPN Remote Access in MTK.

VPN client-to-site com Mikrotik

Nessa vídeo aula vou mostrar como configurar PPTP do servidor Mikrotik.

Mikrotik Router Site to site IPSec VPN Tunnel Configuration one have dynamic IP Address

Mikrotik Router Site to site IPSec VPN Tunnel Configuration that has one router dynamic IP address full configuration see this link http://mikrotikroutersetup.

HotSpot Mikrotik com Active Directory

Na video aula de hoje vamos aprender a implementar um serviço de autenticação dos usuários criado no Active Directory do Windows Server 2003 no HotsSpot Mik
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