Cisco and Citrix Partner on Desktop Virtualization

Cisco and Citrix Partner on Desktop Virtualization


Gordon Payne, Citrix SVP & General Manager, Desktop Division, and Ben Gibson, Cisco VP Data Center Solutions, talk about the announcement made on September 8th 2010 by Cisco and Citrix to collaborate on Desktop virtualization in providing an integrated solutions based on Citrix XenDesktop and Cisco Unified Computing System -More information at

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Using Intel Virtualization for Directed I/O or VT-d, Citrix allows you to pass through the GPU performance of a XenDesktop or XenServer to an inferior machine.

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This demo will provide you with a sneak peak at Citrix's Project Independence, a local desktop virtualization solution targeted for mobile/offline users, curren

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Citrix Systems' Xen Desktop and Citrix Delivery Center provide virtual Windows desktops directly from the datacenter complete with easily customizable configura

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