Cisco and Citrix Partner on Desktop Virtualization

Cisco and Citrix Partner on Desktop Virtualization


Gordon Payne, Citrix SVP & General Manager, Desktop Division, and Ben Gibson, Cisco VP Data Center Solutions, talk about the announcement made on September 8th 2010 by Cisco and Citrix to collaborate on Desktop virtualization in providing an integrated solutions based on Citrix XenDesktop and Cisco Unified Computing System -More information at

How Citrix XenApp works

A neat chalk talk format on how Citrix XenApp modernizes application management with application virtualization technology. Learn more about XenApp at http://ci

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

The definitive guide to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from From PC's to Thin Client to Cloud Computing - explained in plain English.

What is Citrix Server?

Eastern Illinois University (EIU) faculty, staff and experts discuss Citrix Server and its use on the EIU campus.

How to install and configure Citrix Remote PC

In this video Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Alexander Ervik Johnsen, of will show you how to install and configure the Citrix Remote PC fun

Cisco UCS Networking, Infrasctructure Virtualization

Part 2, UCS Infrasctructure Virtualization and Logical Architecture

Introduction to Virtualization

Attend Question/ Answer MEETUP: Follow Eli on the Vlog Channel: Info Level: Beginner Presenter:

What is Virtualization

Dan Chu,Senior director of product,VMware

Fundamentals of Cisco's Unified Computing System, podcast 296

Cisco's approach to the Data Center with the Unified Computing System can be challenging to appreciate at first glance. The cloudy lenses of 'this is how it ha

VMware Virtual Infrastructure Overview

What is Virtualization? How can it help? This video explains the benefits of utilizing VMware to eliminate the need for purchasing additional underutilized hard

Cerner - Installing Citrix and Accessing Applications

This will show you how to install the Citrix Xen App Web Client required to access Cerner Applications.

VPN - Virtual Private Networking

Follow the Insanity at: Downloadable Podcasts at: iTunes:

VMware View 5 In thi

Installing Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) Lab - Part 1

Installing Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) Lab - Part 1 of 2 If you're studying for the CCNA Security exam, you will need to become very familiar with Ci

Cisco Router - IOS Upgrade

How to perform a router IOS upgrade.

17- All Cisco Labs Routing Protocols Introduction

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