Trump tweets about NAFTA during McCain funeral

Trump tweets about NAFTA during McCain funeral


President Trump, notably absent from Senator John McCain's funeral on Saturday, tweeted about NAFTA during the ceremony. Erin Delmore, senior political correspondent at Bustle, joins CBSN to discuss the latest political news.

McCain defended Obama as a 'decent person' during the 2008 election

Arizona Sen. John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. McCain is best known for his presidential bid against President Obama in 2008. During the electio

Neo-Nazi group makes robo-calls to FL voters attacking governor candidate

A neo-nazi group is making robo-calls to voters in Florida attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, the first African American to receive a n

Barack Obama On John McCain: 'We Never Doubted We Were On The Same Team' | NBC News

In a moving eulogy to Senator John McCain, former President Barack Obama spoke about his relationship with his 2008 political rival and how the late senator mad

Veterans, Trump voters condemn White House

CNN's Gary Tuchman speaks to American Legion members, many of whom are Trump supporters, about the White House flag controversy following the death of Sen. John

Buckingham Palace pays 'Respect' to Aretha Franklin

Visitors watching the Changing of the Guard were treated to a special performance by the Welsh Guards. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story

So Much Winning | The Daily Show

The Daily Show puts Donald Trump’s achievements in perspective, from lying about his net worth to his announcement of a vague Space Force. Subscribe to The D

President Donald Trump's Bizarre Obsession With Birds | All In | MSNBC

Donald Trump hates windmills but not because some were erected near his golf course. » Subscribe to MSNBC: About: MSNBC i

The legacy of John McCain

A look back, remembering the life of Arizona senator and Vietnam War hero John McCain and his profound dedication to the United States. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS:

Al Sharpton slams Trump at Aretha Franklin's funeral

Al Sharpton sharply criticized President Donald Trump while speaking at Aretha Franklin's funeral in Detroit, saying Franklin never took orders from anyone exce

McCain reveals his wish for Trump not to attend his funeral

In McCain's new book, he admits he regrets choosing Sarah Palin to be his running mate instead of longtime friend, former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

Memo alleges Trump nodded approval to proposed Russia meeting

Former campaign aide George Papadopoulos is claiming Trump supported his offer to facilitate a foreign policy meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin.

Chris Cuomo: Trump looked like a loser

CNN's Chris Cuomo blasts President Donald Trump for his response to Sen. John McCain's death.

Rev. Al Sharpton Comments On Donald Trump, Reads Obama Letter At Aretha Franklin's Funeral | MSNBC

At Aretha Franklin's funeral service, Rev. Al Sharpton comments on Trump's reaction to her death. He later reads a letter from former President Obama. » Subscr

John McCain funeral: Barack Obama FULL eulogy

Former President Barack Obama delivered a stirring eulogy honouring Senator John McCain on Saturday, touching on his 'longstanding admiration" for McCain and ca

Networks keep booking Trump guests who can't disparage Trump

News networks rarely disclose that many of the former Trump associates brought on to discuss Trump are unable to disparage him. Subscribe to The Washington Post

John McCain Responds to Donald Trump Remarks | TODAY

Speaking to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe,” Arizona Sen. John McCain responded to Donald Trump’s comment that he is “not a war her

Hillary Clinton shares favorite memories of John McCain

Hillary Clinton sits down with CNN's Dana Bash to share her favorite memories of Sen. John McCain.

FULL The Beat With Ari Melber 4/19/19 | Ari Melber MSNBC News Today April 19, 2019

MSNBC The Beat With Ari Melber 4/19/19

Obama notes McCain's last laugh in eulogy request

Former President Barack Obama praises John McCain, highlighting his mischievous streak, heroism and unwavering loyalty to nation and ideals. **************** Hu

Author Says Mike Pence Waiting For God To Remove Trump So He Can Rule

Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio has a new book out about Vice President Mike Pence, and he believes that Pence is waiting for God to remove President Trump f
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