The internet is the future and cable is becoming a thing of the past but don't you hate having to decide who has the best deal for your budget? Now you don't have to! #5: Charter Communication Official Page: #4: Time Warner Official Page: #3: AT&T Official Partner Page: #2: Comcast Xfinity Official Page: #1: Verizon Fios Official Page: -DISCUSSION- Like my videos? Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google Plus:

Unlimited Internet for ONLY $5 a Month!

The 3G unlimited internet from Verizon is no longer available. However, instead of taking down the video, it still provides valuable information on how to boos

How Fast Internet do you Need? - ThioJoeTech

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How to Choose an Internet Service Provider Are you shopping for better Internet Service? Confused as to what's available? How fast should it be? How much should it cost?

Turn Your Travel into a Side Hustle | 5 Ways to Make Money From Your Trips

Looking for ways to save (or even earn) money on your next trip? We review 5 travel side hustles! Website post ⇨ --- ADVERTIS

DSL vs Cable: Which provides the best connection?

In this video, Carmen compares the two primary types of internet connections available today, DSL and Cable. Follow us on Twitter:

The Fastest WiFi I've Tested...

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - Ubiquiti AmpliFi WiFi - https://www.amplifi.

My Fundrise Investment: 2 years later (2019 Update) - here's what happened...

Check out Fundrise through our affiliate link: See the blog post here: Almost exactly two ye

1GB Fiber Internet Service AT&T | What to Expect

I did this video to give you a quick walk through of the components that came along with the 1GB Fiber Internet Service from AT&T. I didn't realize what all wen

Share your internet! Split the cost! Become an Internet Service Provider! (I.S.P Tutorial)!

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Satellite Internet Reviews 2017 : Internet Providers ISP Review

Call 844-635-8722 Now : Blazing Fastest Satellite Internet Speed with 100% Uptime. Anywhere in USA. We will help you choose a great Satellite Internet Provider

Modem vs Router - What's the difference?

This is an animated video describing the difference between a modem and a router. It discusses how a modem works and how a router works. Here is the wifi route


I feel so cold and alone after my latest run in with TWC/Spectrum. I'd love to boycott them... But then I'd never be able to post a video ever again. So, I'm ki

Which Internet Service Providers Cap Your Data 2017 - Which ISPs Have Unlimited Data - Top 10 ISPs

Find Computers, Components, and Parts Deals at Amazon - Support ISPs That Don't Have Data Caps - Say No To Data Caps! Which Internet Ser

How does the Internet work?

This basic video explains how the Internet works. You'll learn some of the terminologies, how data travels, and how TCP/IP works. Designed for beginners, this i

Is a Gaming Router actually Worth It?

Is a Gaming Router actually Worth It? Alex's tests the latest and greatest Netgear XR500. Get 10% off Squarspace: Thanks to Sq

How to get CHEAP internet in 2018 - Alcatel LINKZONE Unboxing and Review

Get the Alcatel LINKZONE Hotspot - Don't want to spend so much on internet every month? Don't want to be locked in a contract? In thi

Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet

0:15 is a JOKE fellas. I'm aware that millions of people still use DIAL-UP And I'm sorry if I left out Cellular and Satellite. I know I said, "Your internet is


How to Get Faster Internet Speed for Free

NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶

Internet on the Go - Review of Portable Internet available from Walmart

How fast is the speed, Coverage, Reliability, Battery life, Customer Service, Set-up,Uses such as laptop, gaming, movies, online search, music, ipad, iphone, sm
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