China is killing my business. Now tariffs are too.

China is killing my business. Now tariffs are too.


Gary Hartman runs one of the few chassis manufacturers left in the US. He explains why his business is in big trouble thanks to competition from China, and why getting on Trump's tariff list is critical.

How Trump’s tariffs changed the fates of these two factories

How are President Trump's tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum affecting manufacturers and workers? At two different Missouri factories, there are two very dif

Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

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Will Trump's tariffs help U.S. workers? It could be a wash

A decade ago, Whirlpool controlled about half of the domestic washing machine market. But when things started going downhill, the company blamed unfair competit

China's One Belt One Road Could Make Or Break This Poor European Country (HBO)

China’s One Belt One Road initiative could be the most ambitious infrastructure plan in history. With more than $900 billion committed across four continents,

Meet the Chinese Billionaire Who Opened Shop in Ohio (HBO)

This past October, Cao Dewang, a billionaire from China, opened a new factory in Moraine, Ohio. We meet Dewang in Moraine, where he gives us a tour of the facto

Steel town waits for President Trump's promises to come true

Westmoreland County, which includes Monessen, is one of Pennsylvania's democratic strongholds. But in November 2016, it went red for Trump.

Iowa soybean farmer on tariffs: Farmers want trade, not aid

Iowa soybean farmer Ron Heck on the impact of U.S. trade tensions with China on farmers in America.

Climbing China's Incredible Cliffs | National Geographic

China is home to the world's greatest concentration of karsts: rocky spires and spillways shaped over time by the elements. For some climbers, scaling these cha

Inside a Huge PCB Factory - in China

Today we're visiting JLCPCB (, one of the largest prototype PCB manufacturers in China. We're getting an exclusive factory tour of one of t

Farmers in Iowa talk about fear factor of tariff threats from China

After China announced its intent to fight proposed tariffs with its own set targeting U.S. agriculture, ABC News' Martha Raddatz traveled to the Midwest to gaug

Africa's richest man is building one of the world...

Nigeria is Africa's top oil producer, yet it's in the middle of a fuel crisis. The missing link: oil refineries. To address this massive disconnect, billionaire

Who are the winners and losers of Trump's tariff plan?

President Trump announced plans to tax the import of steel and aluminum as it enters the United States. Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman spoke to CBSN about

How China's Growing Nationalism Changes Views of the West

As Xi Jinping moves China in new directions, national pride among 20 and 30-year-olds is growing. Li Xiapeng once idolized the west. Now his world view has chan

Here’s who pays the price for brewing U.S.-China trade war

As a trade showdown between the U.S. and China escalates, there's fears of how a trade war could hurt both countries. Special correspondent Katrina Yu reports f

Shanghai - life in the megacity | DW Documentary

Shanghai, China’s biggest city, has the world’s biggest port and the longest underground railway system. The city offers seemingly endless opportunities. T

Trump’s Feud With China Is Already Hurting American Farmers (HBO)

Farmers believe they're the collateral damage in President Trump’s escalating battle with China over trade. China’s threatened tariffs on more than 100 U.S

China's trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

It's about more than just economics. To learn more, visit Subscribe to our channel! China's Belt

How a tariff on Canadian lumber could backfire on the U.S.

President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on some lumber imported from Canada has escalated tensions between the two countries, drawing a firm response fro

China made a mistake retaliating to Trump tariffs: Peter Navarro

White House Director of Trade Policy Peter Navarro discusses President Trump’s tariffs against China and why the Chinese shouldn’t have retaliated with thei

The China Syndrome: Part One - Is China taking over the South Pacific? | 60 Minutes Australia

Australia has always considered the South Pacific our “patch of paradise” to protect and nurture. But now the Chinese are moving in and splashing their cash

Inside the World's Largest Wholesale Markets - in Yiwu China

Go watch Collin Abroadcast's video bargaining in the same markets: Subscribe to Collin Abroadcast's channel:

How Americans may be hurt by trade tariffs

Trade tensions are escalating and new tariffs could make goods more expensive for U.S. consumers. Finance expert Jordan Goodman joins CBSN to explain what's at

Trump is making China great again: Jim Rogers

Rogers Holdings Chairman Jim Rogers on the Trump administration's trade talks with China, North Korea and the investment opportunities in Asia.

EU tariffs have wiped out our tax cut gains: Catoctin Creek co-founder

Catoctin Creek co-founder Scott Harris on how the European Union’s retaliatory tariffs have offset the company’s gains from President Trump’s tax cuts.

Trump threatens tariffs on Canadian cars

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Myron Brilliant on President Trump's use of tariffs in an effort to renegotiate U.S. trade deals and to deal w

US-China trade war is easy to win: Gordon Chang

“The Coming Collapse of China” author Gordon Chang discusses why the U.S. would win a potential trade war with China.

Mexico’s tariff on pork is unsettling: Ken Maschhoff

Maschhoff Family Foods Chairman Ken Maschhoff discusses how American producers are reacting to Mexico’s tariff on U.S. pork.

China reacts to US announcement of $50 billion in tariffs - Daily Mail

China will impose additional 25 percent tariffs on 659 US goods worth $50 billion in response to the US' plan to levy tariffs on Chinese imports. The Chinese c

Is War With China Inevitable?

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How Trump's tariffs could backfire on the U.S. economy

President Trump announced stiff new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum on Thursday at a meeting with industry leaders. The president said the U.S. needed to