How to adopt children in Skyrim hearthfire DLC

How to adopt children in Skyrim hearthfire DLC



Top Ten Adoptable Children of Skyrim

I don't own the pictures or music in this video. These are my picks for the best children to adopt in Skyrim. You can only adopt children with the Hearthfire DL

Skyrim Guide - Easiest Way To Get Daedric Armour

Get youtube partnership! This is a guide on how to get Daedric Armour in Just 1 hour. WARNING this does require exploiting some glitches.

Skyrim Hearthfire: Unique Features of the Homesteads

Skyrim Hearthfire Part 3 is about the unique features of each homestead Windstad Manor has a fish hatchery Heljarchen Hall has a grain mill Lakeview Manor has a

Skyrim: Creating High-level Fortify Enchanting and Blacksmithing Potions

This video will teach the Sykrim player the basics of creating powerful, and expensive, fortify enchanting and blacksmithing potions. These potions are used to

Family Life in Skyrim Hearthfire

(Hearthfire part 2) Family life in Hearthfire, the DLC plug-in for Skyrim. Ms Freya Dovahkinn gets domestic; adopts kids, gets married, and settles down at Lak

Hearthfire DLC 'Kids' Dialogue with Aela the Huntress

In the 'Hearthfire' DLC for Skyrim, the Dragonborn can (officially) adopt children and expand their families. Many of your spouses have something to say about e

SKYRIM: Picking a Master Lock

I show you how to pick a Master lock without breaking 4,000,000 picks. The reason why I'm giving away my secret is because I can't pick locks anymore...not sin

Skyrim Hearthfire: 'Kids' Dialogue with Lydia

Housecarl Lydia's opinions about each available home. She's pretty upbeat about everything. Like my other video, my quality is poor because I am recording my T

Skyrim Hearthfire DLC - How to Adopt Children And Where to Find Them

Find more details on Hearthfire adoption here: Where to find kids for adoption: Samuel: 01:30 Runa Fair-Shield - 01:42 Francois Bea

Skyrim - Top 10 Dragon Priest Masks!

Here are my top 10 dragon priest masks in Skyrim, as suggested by marvinhozi9! Leave a like if you enjoyed, it helps a lot! Vote for my game on Steam Greenlig

Skyrim: Adoption Guide

Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire Hail, Dragonborn! Bored of killing Dragons, and want to adopt a child? This guide will show you how to adopt, and what you can do with y

How to find the Stray Dog in Skyrim

This video will show you where to find the stray/pet dog location as well as how to get it to follow you. If this video helped then please share with your frien


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