How to adopt children in Skyrim hearthfire DLC

How to adopt children in Skyrim hearthfire DLC



Skyrim Hearthfire: Unique Features of the Homesteads

Skyrim Hearthfire Part 3 is about the unique features of each homestead Windstad Manor has a fish hatchery Heljarchen Hall has a grain mill Lakeview Manor has a

Skyrim Guide - Easiest Way To Get Daedric Armour

Get youtube partnership! This is a guide on how to get Daedric Armour in Just 1 hour. WARNING this does require exploiting some glitches.

Castle Crashers Theme - Feint Remix - Extended

Remix is by Un-Extended song All I did was extend it to the best of my amateur a

Top Ten Adoptable Children of Skyrim

I don't own the pictures or music in this video. These are my picks for the best children to adopt in Skyrim. You can only adopt children with the Hearthfire DL

Kylo Ren VS Darth Vader - Skyrim Battles

This is a series on my channel that implements a variation of lore and non-lore friendly characters to battle to the death within the world of Skyrim.


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This episode we take a little walk around the house then head to Whiterun to try and find Ysolda. It ain't easy to find someone when you have no idea who they a

Skyrim: Hearthfire - Adoption Mechanics/Chat Options!

It's been a long time comin', but I've finally got the adoption video out. One more Hearthfire video to go, as I think I've covered EVERYTHING in Hearthfire.

Skyrim Having a family 2 kid a wife a dog a vampire and a store and a big Home!!!

Skyrim Dlc that game is so awesome Having the most beautiful wife + 2 kid + a dog + a vampire lord to protect them a nice and fully upgrade / fully equip home

(Dubstep) The Wobbler - Walking Dead Theme (Remix)

The is a crazy remix of the theme from The Walking Dead. The Wobbler is one talented producer and we want all of you to go and check out his tunes. Follow him

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC - Adoption House Building Gameplay

The orphanage in Riften would like you to consider adoption, but they've got some rules to help protect the kids.

Skyrim - Top 10 Dragon Priest Masks!

Here are my top 10 dragon priest masks in Skyrim, as suggested by marvinhozi9! Leave a like if you enjoyed, it helps a lot! Vote for my game on Steam Greenlig

Hearthfire DLC 'Kids' Dialogue with Aela the Huntress

In the 'Hearthfire' DLC for Skyrim, the Dragonborn can (officially) adopt children and expand their families. Many of your spouses have something to say about e

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Join Vahl and I on our adventure through the harsh land of Skyrim! From Mudcrabs to Mammoths and beyond, Vahl does her best to not end up as a frozen Dark Elfsi

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire - Official Trailer

Create a living home With this official add-on to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up - from a simple

Family Life in Skyrim Hearthfire

(Hearthfire part 2) Family life in Hearthfire, the DLC plug-in for Skyrim. Ms Freya Dovahkinn gets domestic; adopts kids, gets married, and settles down at Lak

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This video shows you where to get the best Dog pet follower in Skyrim. Other Dog Quest: I really appreciate your s

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim All Standing Stone Locations (Standing Stones Achievement) Find 13 Standing Stones (HD 1080p) Comment,

Skyrim: Creepy Unused Child Dialogue

Even Todd's like wtf.... --- Thanks for Watching! Feel free to check out my Discord server, Patreon, Steam, and other accounts below: Discord: https://discor

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Daily Skyrim - Lydia pleasing a man, King Arthur easter eggs, and Finally modding tools!

You daily Skyrim fix from Monday to Friday. ----------------------------------------------------------- Dovahkiin Hideout mod:

How To Adopt And Nourish A Child In Hearthfire

We visit the orphanage and explain the lengthy process of adopting children and putting them to use. See List of Adoptable children that lists all the children

Forging the Master Sword

NOTE! You also need the Arcane Blacksmith and Elven Smithing perks AND the recipes in your inventory! ALSO! This video does NOT apply to Relics of Hyrule! I ex

Skyrim Hearthfire: 'Kids' Dialogue with Lydia

Housecarl Lydia's opinions about each available home. She's pretty upbeat about everything. Like my other video, my quality is poor because I am recording my T

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This Guide shows you how to obtain the Sigil Stone. Upon completion of the quest "Conjuration Ritual Spell" Phinis Gestor will give you the summon Flame Thral

Skyrim Hearthfire Guide

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how to get a divorce in skyrim the only way xbox 360

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Skyrim : Hearthfire - HOW TO ADOPT A CHILD


Skyrim Hearthfire DLC - How to Adopt Children And Where to Find Them

Find more details on Hearthfire adoption here: Where to find kids for adoption: Samuel: 01:30 Runa Fair-Shield - 01:42 Francois Bea

Skyrim: Adoption Guide

Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire Hail, Dragonborn! Bored of killing Dragons, and want to adopt a child? This guide will show you how to adopt, and what you can do with y

Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire - Adoption/Abduction

George finds a homeless child and takes them back to his home, see it sounds creepy, doesn't it?! Subscribe here! Watch my

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Skyrim Glitch - Multiple Followers

*----------------------------------------Please Read!----------------------------------------* Twitter -!/BeachedHippo My old account, B

Skyrim- Hearthfire kid adopts mudcrab

The kid was in the basement swinging away at the kid's practice dummy, missed and hit and killed the rat that he had previously. Wish I would have got that on v

Skyrim - Hearthfire #4 - Making a Home for children, Adoption Problems

In this episode of my heartfire (Or i guess I should probably say hearthfire) adventures, I try to ready my house for children. It goes well. If you liked the

Skyrim Hearthfire Adopting 2 Children part 1

Funny Black Ops 2 Moments - Angry Girl , Modded Lobby and Kids Check out my latest Video i wanted to adopt 1 child but then i said why not

Skyrim-Hearthfire: Sophie, the orphan flower girl from Windhelm

I decided to adopt Sophie, the little orphan flower girl from Windhelm. You can find her in the Grey quarter, usually sitting by the inn. **To be able to adopt

Skyrim Armor's : All Dragon Priest/Mask Effects [HD]

The Link below will give you details on each mask and how to get each mask Please r

Skyrim how to adopt a child in other citys

skyrim By Roxio Game Capture HD PRO

Mods of SKYRIM (2): Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

Mods of SKYRIM, Episode 2 Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (by TMPhoenix):

Skyrim Hearthfire - How to Get a Steward for Your House!

This will show you how to get a steward for your house in the new Skyrim Hearthfire DLC, who can help you get materials and decorate your home. Please Make sur

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Skyrim-Hearthfire Kid Adopts a Pet Skeever

My character's adopted kid adopts a skeever. Killing it is frowned upon though

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