Building Height Comparison

Building Height Comparison

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Update: Compare their Height and Size in 3D, with corrected mistakes and more featured buildings : Single shot animated size comparison of the tallest buildings. Features: Average Person (1.7m/5.6ft) Tool Shed (2.1m/6.9ft) Wood Shed (2.4m/7.9ft) London Telephone box (2.8m/9.2ft) Small Cottage (3.1m/10.2ft) Average 2-story House (5.4m/17.7ft) Average Mansion (10m/32.8ft) Newby-Mcmahon Building (12m/39.4) Statue of Zeus (13m/42.7ft) Temple of Artemis (18m/59.1ft) Colosseus of Rhodes (30m/98.4ft) Chichen Itzu (30m/98.4ft) Christ the Redeemer (40m/131ft) Roman Pantheon (43m/141ft) Colosseum (49m/161ft) Leaning Tower of Pisa (56m/184ft) Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (60m/197ft) Sydney Oprea House (65m/213ft) Statue of Librety (93m/305ft) Big Ben (96m/315ft) Lighthouse of Alexandria (120m/394ft) -Tallest Lighthouse ever built Spring Temple Budda (128m/420) -Tallest Statue Great Pyramid of Giza (139m/456ft) Singapore Flyer (165m/541ft) -Tallest Wheel Taj Mahal (171m/561ft) Kuwait Towers (187m/614ft) -Tallest Water Towers Gateway Arch (192m/630ft) Carlton Centre (224m/734ft) (Tallest in Africa) Costanera Center (300m/984ft) (Tallest in SA) Q1 (323m/1059ft) (Tallest in AU) Eiffel Tower (324m/1063ft) Millau Viaduct (342m/1122ft) (Tallest Bridge) Empire State Building (443m/1453ft) Petronas Twin Tower (452m/1483ft) Taipei 101 (508m/1667ft) One World Trade Centre (526m/1726ft) Ostankino Tower (540m/1772ft) (Tallest in Europe) CN Tower (553m/1814ft) Abraj Al Bait Towers (601m/1972ft) -Tallest Clock Tower KVLY-TV mast (629m/2064ft) (Tallest in NA) -Tallest mast current Shanghai Towers (632m/2073ft) Tokyo Sky Tree (634m/2080ft) - Tallest freestanding tower Warsaw Radio Mast (646m/2119ft) -Tallest collapsed structure Burj Khalifa (828m/2717ft) - Tallest building in the world Kingdom Tower (1007m/3304ft) Bionic Tower (~1200m/~4000ft) Al Jaber Tower (~1800m/~6000ft) Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid (~2000m/~6600ft) Dubai City Tower (~2400m/~7800ft) Ultima Tower (~3200m/~10000ft) X-Seed 4000 (~4000m/~13000ft) Includes a full scale zoom from 4:00 (Best Part) PS: The Taj Mahal height is wrong, it's 73m, the diagonal length then is 171m. Thanks for pointing that out. This is rectified in the updated 3d size comparison.

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