Sports Photography Tips with Phil Hillyard

Sports Photography Tips with Phil Hillyard


Canon Master Phil Hillyard has been a professional sports photographer for over 20 years and shares his tips and tricks with a Dad wanting to capture memories of his son playing school rugby. In this video you can learn more about the camera settings and gear he recommends to use for sports photography. He also shares some insightful tips about composition and lighting. Sports photography is one of the most physically demanding forms of photography. Whether you’re shooting ball-sports like rugby and football, or extreme action sports like mountain biking and snowboarding, there’s a lot of running around. For a detailed list of tips and camera settings for sports photography visit:

Canon EOS - Sports Photography Tutorial with Eugene Tan

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By combining his passion for photography and sport, Craig Golding has become one of Australia's best sports photographers. In this sports photography tutorial,

Wedding Photography Tips with Ryan Schembri

Canon Master Ryan Schembri has been a professional wedding photographer for over 16 years and has travelled the globe capturing couples’ most important days.

'The Shot' by Canon Master Krystle Wright

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Canon Collective 24-Hour Photography Challenge

Personal—and photographic—growth comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. We’ve all heard it before, but it’s rarely put into practice. Sticking

Change your lens, Change your story: Lisa Wilkinson, Canon Ambassador & Krystle Wright, Canon Master

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Fashion photography with Canon Master Georges Antoni

"Photography is one of the few professions where you get almost instant gratification for your efforts. Fashion photography is a fine balance between art, style

Canon Lenses for Sports/Wildlife Photography

Great images start with great lenses and in many ways a Digital SLR is defined by the quality, breadth and scope of its system of lenses. Canon EOS digital SLRs

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Greg Sullavan, from the Canon Collective shows you how to get out of the automatic modes and start shooting manually with this light trails tutorial.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II with Travel Photographer Melissa Findley

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Great images start with great lenses and in many ways a Digital SLR is defined by the quality, breadth and scope of its system of lenses. Canon EOS digital SLRs

Rethink Mirrorless - Canon EOS R System Introduction

EOS R system is born from the pursuit to create lenses that were previously not possible. Capture movement in any light with Canon's fastest, sharpest RF lense
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