Setting and Using a Dual Time (GMT) Watch - Watch and Learn #10

Setting and Using a Dual Time (GMT) Watch - Watch and Learn #10


In today's video, we show you how to set and use a dual time (GMT) watch. These watches got their start in the 1950's, and have become the ultimate traveler's companion. Dual time watches come in many different types, and we show you a few different examples and how to read and set them. To see some of the dual time watches shown in this video, please visit:

How to use a Slide Rule Bezel on your Watch. Watch and Learn #11

In today's episode of Watch and Learn, we show you how to use the rotary slide rule on a watch. Often referred to as an aviation slide rule, this indispensable

Rolex GMT Master 2 16710, 16713 How To Set Dual Time Zone BY GOLDWATCHCO

Learn how to set the dual time zon feature on your Rolex GMT Master II Model 16710 and the difference in one manufactured in the 90's and one in mid 2000 by www

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Seiko SUN023 Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver Review | aBlogtoWatch

Seiko SUN023 Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver Review See more @ SUBSCRIBE: James Stacey of aBlogtoWatch re

The Squale 30 ATMO Swiss Automatic Pan Am GMT Watch Review - #1545-PANAM

After much delay, I finally get to review the second of Squale's new GMTs, the "Pan Am". This new Swiss automatic is a beefed up 1545 with an extra GMT function

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Dual Time & GMT Watches: My Favorite Travel Watches, Part I

Watchuwant is now WatchBox! Subscribe for the best luxury watch content. See a playlist of hands-on GMT Watch Reviews:

Setting the GMT Hand

Setting up the GMT hand on a Rolex GMT-Master II (116710BLNR)

Swiss Military GMT Watch Overview

A budget model from Swiss Military (Charmex SA), The Swiss Military GMT. Be sure to check out our full review by clicking the I in the video. Enjoy! If you wan

The Best Value GMT Watches

In this video, I would like to talk exclusively about GMT watches with the ability to show upwards off two timezones at a time which offer the best value packag

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What is a perpetual calendar watch? Watch and Learn #13

In today's episode of Watch and Learn, we dive into perpetual calendars. This neat little function keeps the date on track all year for you, so you don't to adj

How to use divers watch as a gmt watch

One of the educational videos made by MDWE members to show the alternative way of looking at things i.e. using the divers bezel as a gmt bezel. It also show how

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Join us today as we look at watches with a common theme, Blue Dials! Marc shares some of his personal collection obtained over the years, ranging from Fossil to

Setting and using a Rolex GMT Master II with dual time zone feature This video will show you how to properly set and use the GMT dual time zone features of a Rolex GMT Master II wristwatch.

Watch Jewel Basics - Watch and Learn #3

In today's Watch and Learn video, we cover the basics of watch jewels. What does the number of jewels in a watch mean? What is a jewel? What are the various typ


Seiko Sportura Kinetic POLAR DIAL GMT SUN025P1 100m with 5M85 movement and sapphire crystal, A quick look with and brief size comparison to some other Seiko mod

How to use the GMT function on a watch - Perth WAtch #4

An basic instructional video on how to use the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function/complication on a wristwatch, particularly on watches that differ from the Rol

Best traveller's watches

These are my picks as the best watches for a traveller due to their features such as GMT hands and alarms. For any questions or business enquiries, please emai

How to reset (recalibrate) the hands on a chronograph watch - Watch and Learn #30

In today's episode of Watch and Learn, we will show you how to reset (or re-calibrate) the hands of your quartz chronograph watch. Many times, either after chan

Seiko SKX007K vs SKX007J (and the SKX009K vs J) What is the difference? Watch and Learn #29

In today's episode of Watch and Learn, we will explore the SKX007, the iconic Seiko diver. This watch is produced in two variants; the "K" version and the "J" v

How To Set Rolex GMT Master II Watch | Setting A GMT

Watch this video on how to set the Rolex GMT Master II watch. This particular model is a 2015 BLNR, also know as the "Rolex Batman" due to it's two tone black

Search & Rescue New Release - Marathon GSAR Anthracite Swiss Automatic Diver Watch

Today we announce the release of the NEW Marathon GSAR Anthracite watch model: WW194006BK. This Government Search and Rescue watch is a no-nonsense 300 meter di

Rolex GMT Master II Review

A review of one of Rolex's iconic watches Two things of note #1. the local time that is shown is USA Eastern standard time. #2. Although I did not demonstrat

What length watch strap is right for me? Watch and Learn #20

In today's video, we cover an often overlooked topic of watch strap length. How do we measure them, and what does it mean? How do you correlate your wrist size

Setting the GMT function on a watch

Setting the GMT function on a watch Watch seen in video:

How to use GMT function of your GMT watch (2015)

How to set the GMT hand of your GMT watch and how to use it. btw if you are in the market to buy a new Tesla Model S/ X, you can get Unlimited Free Superchargi
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