How to Set up and Use NordVPN Chrome Browser Extension

How to Set up and Use NordVPN Chrome Browser Extension


Get a special NordVPN deal now: Here's a short video guide on how to set up NordVPN on your Chrome browser. - Open your Chrome browser and click on the Settings button in the top right corner of your screen. - In the top right corner, open the menu and navigate to More tools - Extensions. - Below the list of all extensions you have installed, click on the “Get more extensions” highlight, and you will be taken to the Chrome extension store. - Type “NordVPN” in the search bar n the top left corner of the web store window and hit Enter. - Afterwards, click on the Add to Chrome button next to the NordVPN extension. - You will get a permission prompt listing the permissions our application needs to secure your connection. - Click on the Add extension button, and it will be added to your browser. - You can now see the NordVPN icon present in the top right corner of your browser, among other extensions. - Clicking on the icon will open the menu of the integrated application. - To connect to a server, sign into the extension using your NordVPN account details and click on the Auto connect button, which will automatically connect you to the best server for you. - The extension icon will light up green indicating a successful connection. - If you wish to disconnect, click on the extension icon and press the Disconnect button. Get your NordVPN:

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الحل الجذري لمشكلة تفعيل VPN مع العملاق NORD VPN والتفعيل مدى الحياة بطريقة ذكية

تحميل التفعيل : رابط نورد في بي ان : ----------------------------------------------------

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Nord VPN has a no logs policy so you think you are safe? Look inside and find what's in the fine print! IP Vanish does not even have fine print LOL

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