Associated British Corporation (ABC) TV logo ident (UK)

Associated British Corporation (ABC) TV logo ident (UK)


Associated British Corporation logo ident from circa 1960 in the UK

*FAIR USE* ITV Logo Collection (1955 to 1996) *FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY*

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ABC TV Start up _ ITA Picasso tuning signal, 1960s

This a digital re-creation of part of the Emley Moor, ABC TV weekend television start up, for the North of England from the mid-1960s. It was radiated at the s

Old TV And Video Logo's Compilation

This is a compilation of vintage television and vhs logo's I put together. Enjoy this flood of nostalgia. The last 2 are just jokey ones.

UK Regional TV Idents

Yorkshire Television Ident History

Interestingly enough, Thames Television, LWT & HTV aren't the only ITV regionals to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary, In 1968 ITV has launched Yorkshire Televisi

The Original Four ITV Companies

The Original Four ITV Companies ABC REDIFFUSION GRANADA ATV join my Facebook TELEVISION LOGO'S & MOCKS page

Central Independent Television Ident History

Check out my best idents of Central TV Timeline. I OWN NOTHING! If you want to see more Central Idents check out MisterTrimble's 2 part Central Ident Megamix

WWN Ident (Englsh Version) - MOCK

WWN - Wales: West and North continue in an alternative universe. This ident premiered on 27th January 1964 with an ident similar to TWW's.

ABC 1967 Logo Full version recreation

Made this out of boredom... Original logo credit: Todd's Retro TV World.

ABC Logos in 1999

Same like ABC Logo History Also From Happy Days 1999

HIT Entertainment Plc. (1997) VHS UK Logo

HIT Entertainment plc. VHS Tape UK 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

3D Animation - Animated ABC

3D animated ABC logo created using Cinema 4D. View more of the In Form Creations portfolio at

ABC presents

The ABC triangle in animated form from the start of another 1960s programme from the ITV weekend contractor for the Midlands & North.

TV Ident Mock:- ABC (UK) HD


ATV Midlands 1969 Original Music Test

And still in colour.

[RECREATION] ABC Ben Hur ident (1964-1968)

Chris Bowden-Smith was too much of a gentleman to tweet in public that I got the audio wrong on my previous version of this. The ABC "Ben Hur" ident had a brand

(MOCK THAT ISN'T BY ME) HTV Cymru Wales logo (1970-1987) (long version)

I forgot where the original video was from. Was taken from some ITV ident logo complication.

Associated British Corporation

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