Associated British Corporation (ABC) TV logo ident (UK)

Associated British Corporation (ABC) TV logo ident (UK)


Associated British Corporation logo ident from circa 1960 in the UK

ITV Logos - LWT, Thames, TVS, Southern, Yorkshire, Border, HTV, STV, UTV

TVMOCKS2010 made a complaint that he owned copyright to one of The Central Cake Idents (as one was a repro), although they were credited on the page (and theirs

ENGLISH ALPHABET English ABC.. BRITISH ENGLISH - Speak English, Learn English,

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ABC TV Start up _ ITA Picasso tuning signal, 1960s

This a digital re-creation of part of the Emley Moor, ABC TV weekend television start up, for the North of England from the mid-1960s. It was radiated at the s

ABC Pictures Corp. Logo '70

From "Too Late The Hero" (1970)

Tyne Tees ident (1992)

From the archives of This was first Tyne Tees ident to be made by an external company (bar the ITV generic ident) was introduced

Abc Video/DVD Logo History (1984-2016)

Can''t Find Any ABC Video/DVD Logo History So I Decided To Make My Own. Thanks To FLEMISHDOG, AustralianTVClassics, And wMLogos For The Logos! ;) (Not To Be Con

ABC 1960's Logo HD Remake

50 years ago, the current ABC logo was born, and this was one of the first ID's that featured the logo. Now nearly 50 years later, here is the HD remake of the

HIT Communications plc. (1989) UK Logo

Taken from Felix the Cat

[RECREATION] Teledu Cymru Ident

For Louis Barfe's Cheeseford blog, the Teledu Cymru ident created by TWW for their WALES service after bailing out WWN. TWW were an excellent company but Lord

ATV in Colour - Zoom ident

Music by Jack Parnell, orchestrated by Wally Stott.

ABC1 Ident - 2007

An ident from the now defunct UK digital channel ABC1. Aired June 19th 2007.

Central Independent Television Ident History

Check out my best idents of Central TV Timeline. I OWN NOTHING! If you want to see more Central Idents check out MisterTrimble's 2 part Central Ident Megamix

TVP Logo Ident proposal 1

TVP Logo Ident proposal 1

Central Ident 1982

Central Ident 1982

ABC "Early ATV" (Three Versions) (1955) (RECONSTRUCTION)

As requested by Chaz. This is my attempt to reconstruct the logo of how I believe it looked and sounded, as there is no footage of the real one on the internet

MOCK Ident Rediffusion London Colour 1969

Taking a break from general piss taking, here is another interest of mine, TV mocks. Imagine if you will, Associated Rediffusion, the old ITV company that se

STUDIOCANAL Moving Logo (ident 2011)

By DEVILFISH (, Harris Zambarloukos. Music by: Alexandre Desplat. More info:

[RECREATION] ABC Ben Hur ident (1964-1968)

Chris Bowden-Smith was too much of a gentleman to tweet in public that I got the audio wrong on my previous version of this. The ABC "Ben Hur" ident had a brand

abc logo 2

(MOCK THAT ISN'T BY ME) HTV Cymru Wales logo (1970-1987) (long version)

I forgot where the original video was from. Was taken from some ITV ident logo complication.

ABC Ident 2015


An interesting ident from ABC in 1960, based on a genuine example created by splicing prints of two different idents together. Created in Flash 8, Kdenlive, Th

2000 ABC Ident Bumpers

2000 ABC network ID bumpers

ABC Ident (2002?)

ABC Ident 2016

ABC British logo 1960's

ABC British logo 1960's

ATV Midlands 1969 Original Music Test

And still in colour.

LWT Ident

This is an LWT Ident from the past!

ABC (of ITV) ident recreation

Just screwing around with Motion on an afternoon off, nothing much. Thanks to RLE or something like that the video's only 1.8 MB!

Star World Logo Channel Ident

Channel Ident for Star World Music By: Nariman Khambata and Rahul Pais The Jamroom Music and Audio Production

ABC presents

The ABC triangle in animated form from the start of another 1960s programme from the ITV weekend contractor for the Midlands & North.

ATV Ident/Logo

A fun classic ident from 1960, taken from "The Arthur Haynes Show".

TV Ident Mock: ABC / ITV

How might ABC if they still existed identified with the new ITV branding?

Associated British Corporation (ABC)

Used on the British TV series The Avengers (1961-1969)

associated rediffusion 1955-64

the very 1st Ident TVARK (C)

1960 ABC Television (UK) Ident

A.K.A. "Associated British Corporation". Taken from the opening of "Our House"

HTV Production Logo (Wales) (1980's)

HTV Production Logo (Wales) (1980's)

Associated Rediffusion Ident

Disclaimer: For the Copyright Act of 1976 Sections 106 and 107 to be precise, copyrighted content can be used under Fair Use. Because this video is for Entert

Yorkshire TV 1968 ident

1968 Yorkshire Ident

ABC Presents (1964)

At the beginning of "The Avengers" episodes on its S3 DVD release.

ABC Television Logo 1956-1958

ABC Television: 1956 1957 1958

ABC Logos in 1999

Same like ABC Logo History Also From Happy Days 1999