Top Ten Adoptable Children of Skyrim

Top Ten Adoptable Children of Skyrim


I don't own the pictures or music in this video. These are my picks for the best children to adopt in Skyrim. You can only adopt children with the Hearthfire DLC installed.

Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 3)

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Top 10 Most Effective Armours in History (Pre-Modern)

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A short film based on the game Skyrim by Bethesda which has been a side project of mine for well over 2 years now. I want to thank everyone who helped me out on

I'm Addicted To Video Games And Can't Control Myself


10 CRAZY Things Skyrim Players Have Done

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They stole $1.7 million

In November 2018, Defy Media shut down without any notice. They laid off their workers without warning and have held ransom the money earned by the YouTube Crea

Characters and Voice Actors - ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM (Updated)

Playlist: ___________________________________________ Music: "Skyrim Theme Remix" by Pascal Michael Stiefel Check out his channel for awes

What Happens If You Refuse the Vault-Tec Salesman at the Start of Fallout 4?

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5 Things You Didn't Know about Hearthfire DLC

Hearthfire does have a few amazing things! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link to a tour of my house i

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Which side is worthy of the Dovahkiin? Both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks are very interesting factions to join and it is indeed a difficult decision to mak

Top Ten Wives of Skyrim

I do not own the music or the pictures used in this video. This is a hard-thought-out video about what I think are the best wives in Skyrim.

Top Ten Most Attractive Armor Sets of Skyrim

These were based a lot off of personal preference, so sorry if your favorite armor wasn't on here. I do not own the pictures or music used in this video.

Skyrim Special Edition UNLIMITED GOLD Glitch (TOP 5 Secret Hidden Merchant Chest Glitch Locations)

Skyrim Special Edition UNLIMITED GOLD + INFINITE MONEY FAST Glitch (All Secret Hidden Secret Merchant Chest TOP 5 Locations (Cheats Still NOT Patched on Remaste

Skyrim: All of the Houses | Prices - Knowledge - Walkthrough |

Today we will be going over all the buy able pre-made houses in skyrim, their prices with upgrades, all the boxes/boxes/sacks, weapon and armor racks, and book

SKYRIM - 10 Things You DIDN'T Need To Know (but secretly need to know) - Surfing On A Bird?

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Top Five Homes of Skyrim

I do not own the pictures or music used in this video. I hope I did it right this time. Original Video:

Top Ten Redguards of the Elder Scrolls

Last night I had a Wes Anderson-a-thon. It was fun...but I didn't make it through the Life Aquatic. Instead I fell asleep on the chair and had a "What if Wes An

5 Things You Didn't Know about Riften

Known as the Jewel of Skyrim, many secrets hide in the shadows! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support

Skyrim - All Rare & Unique One Handed Weapons

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Skyrim - Top 5 Most Annoying Quests

Yeahhh, I'm gonna need you to collect some blood, thanks.. Here, I list my Top 5 Most Annoying Quests in Skyrim. Depending on you, they may even be some of th

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How Skyrim Should Have Ended

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Skyrim Hearthfire: Unique Features of the Homesteads

Skyrim Hearthfire Part 3 is about the unique features of each homestead Windstad Manor has a fish hatchery Heljarchen Hall has a grain mill Lakeview Manor has a

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Dawnstar

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Skyrim - Top 5 Tullius Facts

There's another player in this war of ours... Here I list my "Top 5 Tullius Facts" in Skyrim. These detail the life, personality, and actions of General Tulli

Skyrim: Top 5 Interesting Dungeons You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game littered with a plethora of dungeons for the Dragonborn to conquer. Whether it’s a Nordic ruin or a massive cave, The Elder Scrolls 5 offers

Skyrim - Top 10 Wives

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Skyrim - All Unique Heavy Armor Pieces And Sets

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Top Five Pets of Skyrim

I don't own the music or pictures used in this video. This was requested by Kimberly Thompson, and though it was originally a Top Ten I decided to reduce it and

Skyrim - the 5 Stages of Love

That's too much sucking, even for a vampire!.. Here, I list the 5 Stages of Love in Skyrim. What a beautiful love story this is going to be, even featuring so

Top Ten Heavy Armor Sets of Skyrim [Update]

Yeah, had to redo this one just like the houses video. Anyways, I do not own the pictures or music used in this video. Enjoy!

How to get Daedric armor in Skyrim at any Level

Hello everyone, today I will be showing you all how to get the best armor in Skyrim "Daedric Armor". This tutorial will be for players level 1 or above. "you ca

Skyrim BUT I attempt to Romance Lydia with Mods!

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Skyrim - All Unique Light Armor Pieces & Sets

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Skyrim Hearthfire DLC - How to Adopt Children And Where to Find Them

Find more details on Hearthfire adoption here: Where to find kids for adoption: Samuel: 01:30 Runa Fair-Shield - 01:42 Francois Bea

Skyrim - 5 Argonian Facts - Elder Scrolls Lore

5 facts about the Argonians of Black Marsh! Twitter: Scott: Michael: Snapchat: Scott: newb

Skyrim - Top 5 Cities

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Hearthfire DLC 'Kids' Dialogue with Aela the Huntress

In the 'Hearthfire' DLC for Skyrim, the Dragonborn can (officially) adopt children and expand their families. Many of your spouses have something to say about e

Skyrim - Top 5 Barrels

Such grandeur, such beauty, come from these mysterious creatures.. Here, I list my Top 5 Barrels in Skyrim. This includes a wide variety, all of whom have the

Top Five Spouse Homes of Skyrim

Spouse's can sometimes provide fairly descent and unique homes. I do not own the pictures or music used in this video. Enjoy!

Skyrim: All of the Houses and Their Prices

This video will show you every one of the purchasable houses in Skyrim. It will also tell you the total cost including all of the upgrades. The houses are in Wh

Skyrim – The Ultimate Guide to the BEST Black Book Powers & Effects

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Top Ten Dragons of the Elder Scrolls

I do not own the music or pictures used in this video. Going into some of the lore of the Elder Scrolls, I have chosen the most influential and interesting Drag

Top Ten Bretons of the Elder Scrolls

Sorry for not uploading in a while. Went on an extended vacation from making videos, twas wonderful. The cheese, the adventures, the cats, quite the experience.