Bolt's pace blunted in zero-gravity champagne orbit

Bolt's pace blunted in zero-gravity champagne orbit

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Usain Bolt sprinted through thin air and sipped champagne while floating in zero-gravity conditions in the back of an aircraft on September 12. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo:

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In a zero-g plane I experimented with flames and slinkies with surprising results. Check out e-penser's video: Check out Physicsgirl's vi

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Usain Bolt is by far the most decorated sprinter of all times. We bring you ALL final races of the Jamaican - from the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 over London


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&id=2O7K-8G2nwU Jamaican Usain Bolt sets a new Olympic record as he retains his 100m Gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics on the 5 August 2012. Fellow Jama

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Usain Bolt sprints and drinks champagne in zero-gravity

The champagne is being testing during an Airbus A300 Zero-G flight from Reims, in the heart of France's Champagne country. The space age bottle is the result of

Zero G Flight - Parabolic Flight With The Airbus A300 Of Novespace

Because of Novespace's (owner of the Airbus Zero G) decision to reorganise the commercial flights after June 17, 2015 - we will not be able to offer the Europea

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Full replay of the race where Jamaica's Usain Bolt wins gold for the third time in a row in the men's 100m, defeating 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin from U

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Laws of science halt Usain Bolt's speed in Zero-G plane

Running legend Usain Bolt discovered that he could challenge the law of gravity, by being rendered weightless in a micro-gravity plane on Wednesday above France

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We cover a lot of space stories at The Verge, but this is the closest we’ve gotten to actually going there. Join Loren Grush as she takes a ride on the infamo

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The build-up, the actual race (starts at 2:11), and after reaction from Michael Johnson etc on this stunning stunning run!!! Plus short trackside talk with the

Bolt's pace blunted in zero-gravity champagne orbit "The great challenge was dispense the liquid

like share subscribe and comments Usain Bolt sprinted through thin air and supped champagne while floa

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I know this is available from others on YouTube, but my videos are higher quality since I got them directly from the person who shot the footage. I worked at NA

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Usain Bolt ran his final race before retiring and all of Jamaica was watching this historic moment. Anxious Miss Jamaica contestants momentarily paused their c


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This video is to help each other see the man behind the curtain. This video is open for mirroring. Spread the information.

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Novespace uses a converted Airbus A310 jetliner to simulate zero gravity runs,allowing researchers to study the impact of microgravity on the human body, plants

Meet Usain Bolt, champagne maker

With his running career now done, Usain Bolt has team up with GH Mumm to create Olympe, a champagne from a man who’s had more reason than most to celebrate ov
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