Is free VPN safe? VPN Vulnerabilities Exposed !You are Being watched on free VPN!!

Is free VPN safe? VPN Vulnerabilities Exposed !You are Being watched on free VPN!!


Is free VPN safe? Is there VPN Vulnerabilities that everyone is hiding? Finding a safe free VPN is hard. Dont use free VPN till you watch this video. Many people take the name VPN as a absolute and say that it cant be hacked. VPN still has vulnerabilities. VPN Vulnerabilities is a topic that the Industry doesn't want to discuss. I will tell you the Vulnerabilities and also answer is free VPN safe and should you use free VPN? VPN is virtual private network and many people think it is the best encryption. Finding a safe free VPN is not easy and we should ask ourselves is it worth the Risk. VPN Vulnerabilities need to be understood and exposed so that people dont live under assumption that VPN is always safe no matter what you do on it. Who is running these free safe VPN? Who can still look into the Data? can we be sure ? This might not be true. Subscribe to the channel as i will be uploading a new video every day. Like share subscribe. This has been Jamie for TopEvt You have a nice day. Twitter @TopEvt Google+ Minds @topevt

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