Pandora vs. Sirius XM Radio: Investor Beat - June 26th, 2013

Pandora vs. Sirius XM Radio: Investor Beat - June 26th, 2013


Investor Beat is a fast-paced, forward-looking and occasionally irreverent market commentary from The Motley Fool, hosted by Chris Hill every Monday through Friday. Shares of online radio service Pandora were on the rise today on news of increased subscribers listening in cars. Unfortunately for Pandora, more artists are speaking out against the company's attempts to cut royalty fees. On today's Investor Beat, Motley Fool analysts Matt Argersinger and Jason Moser discuss Pandora's long-term challenge and whether the stock has room to run. Also, our analysts take a look at why shares of Synaptics, Westport Innovations, Five Below and Wynn Resorts made big moves today, and why you should be following shares of McCormick & Company and Winnebago this week.

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