Feel free to share your favourite fragrances for women in the comments. Enjoy! :D Please check out my other perfume channel with my buddy Andrew: Here's my Mugler - Angel Muse review: Here are my Dior - Poison Girl reviews: Part 2: Poison Girl EDT Review:

WHAT IF?! You Could Only Own 10 Fragrances For The Rest Of Your Life & Some Updates

A vloggy wingy video choosing only 10 fragrances from my current collection if I could only have 10. Uggghhhhh decisions decisions! Check out my other perfume

My Summer Fragrance/Perfume Wardrobe 2017 (Designer & Niche)

Here are the fragrances I'll be wearing for the rest of Summer 2017. Enjoy! Check out my other perfume channel with my buddy Andrew from Hollywood Silent Film


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Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women

Best Fragrances Women for all Occasions Fragrances in this list: #10 00:15 #9 00:49 #8 01:20 #7

Kelsey's Top 8 Perfumes

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How To Get Free Perfume Samples When They Say They Don't Have Any + *NEW* Montale Diamond Rose + Mum

Hey guys! Just hanging with mum in Rotterdam, a blind sniff of Montale Paris boutique exclusive Diamond Rose, and a tip on how to get free samples when they sa

Top 15 Perfumes for Women in the World | 2018

List of the Top 15 Perfumes in the world for Women. Buy it Here These are critically acclaimed perfumes that are also highly rated by w

Sniffing 5 Popular Women's Designer Perfumes (Gucci, Chanel, Moschino, Paco Rabanne)

1. Narciso Rodriguez - Fleur Musc 2. Moschino - Fresh Couture 3. Gucci - Bloom 4. Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Prive 5. Chanel - Gabrielle Here's my other perfu

Why Do I Constantly Sniff Things? | Perfume Talk Chit Chat

Feel free to check out some of my other videos: Top 5 Designer Perfumes for Life: Top 5 Niche Perfumes for

How French women wear perfume & how to apply it | "Parisian chic" | Justine Leconte

Why is French perfume so famous? (Grasse, mimosa, tuberose, orange blossom...) Chanel number 5 and modern perfumes. What is the difference between parfum, eau

MY ENORMOUS (40+) HIGH END PERFUME COLLECTION! 2017 | Does it last? Notes? Prices?

Hi guys! Thank you so much for watching and for all of your support. This video shows my ENTIRE high end perfume collection. As some of you may know, I work in

Let's Go Perfume Shopping @ Bijenkorf (The Hague) & Filipino Food with Mum

Skip to the perfume stuff here: 00:06:08 Let's take a look at some perfume candy at the Bijenkorf department store in The Hague, The Netherlands. And eat. Fil

Perfumes I Regret Buying & Selling (or Swapping)

***OOPS! It's Miller Harris - La Fumee. NOT Feuilles de Tabac. Sorry!*** Hey guys! Feel free to share your regretful fragrance buys and sells in the comment

My Favorite Long-Lasting Perfumes! (Summer faves)

*Over my eyelids and on my lips I'm wearing a lipstick by Covergirl (Queen collection) in the color coffee break. Here's the link: Reb'

Top 7 Delicious Caramel Fragrances

I LOVE caramel in fragrances! Here are some of my faves that you might want to check out if you've got a major sweet tooth in perfumes. Enjoy! Here's my othe

My Summer Perfume Wardrobe 2018 (Designer & Niche Fragrances)

Oops! For the Kryptomint, I meant to say that I get more of the mint than the chocolate on my skin. Not the other way around. My bad :) Here's my Mugler Krypto

Most Popular Perfumes for Women | My Thoughts

What are my thoughts on the top most popular fragrances and have I owned them? PERFUMES MENTIONED: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Dior Hypnotic Poison EDT http://am


Thank's for watching my must have perfumes for women 2017 and my current fragrance collection. I love fragrances and these are my favorite perfumes in my curren

Trying 5 Popular Women's Designer Perfumes (Lancome, D&G, Guerlain, Givenchy, Paco Rabanne)

1. Lancome - La Vie Est Belle L'eau De Parfum 2. Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue Eau Intense 3. Guerlain - Mon Guerlain 4. Paco Rabanne - Lady Million 5. Givenchy

10/10 Best Smelling Designer Fragrances/Colognes - 2015

This is my list of best smelling designer fragrances for the year 2015. Enjoy! :) Niche list: Facebook: https://ww
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