Trump talks about trade issues with China, India

Trump talks about trade issues with China, India


(1 Oct 2018) US President Donald Trump is touting a trade agreement reached with Mexico and Canada just weeks before the November congressional elections. The agreement offers some vindication for his hardline trade policies that have roiled relations with China, the European Union and America's North American neighbors while causing concerns among Midwest farmers and manufacturers worried about retaliation. President Trump spoke about continued issues with China and tariffs but said the two countries are trying to work things out. "We'll see what happens with China," said Trump. "They have a surplus of $375-billion dollars, with a B, with the United States and it's been that we for years. I always say 'we rebuilt China'." The president also said that India charges very high tariffs on US goods but says that after speaking with Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi, those tariffs will be greatly reduced. Find out more about AP Archive: Twitter: Facebook: Google+:​ Tumblr:​​ Instagram: You can license this story through AP Archive:


INTRODUCTION India has been in the market for acquiring a long-range air defense system. The idea was to have Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) near the border

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The economy of India is still going strong with an economic growth of about 7,5% per year. Yet the media wants us to believe again that the Indian economy is no

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(4 Oct 2018) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday arrived in India for a two-day visit during which the two countries are expected to sign a 5 billion U

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The growing trade war between the U.S. and China has caused the International Monetary Fund to reduce its global economic growth for this year and next.

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President Donald Trump announces new tariffs against China.

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Source :- Asian Age Disclaimer- This channel is for defence related news worldwide . We try to give you true news related to each and every aspects of d

Trump's trade war with China has MASSIVE geopolitical consequences

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