Best VPN Addon zenmate web firewall 2017 | How to Add Zenmate in Chrom Browser in Urdu and Hindi

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There are many ways to do that, but the one of the way that I recommend here it is very simple one and easy to set-up . Best Add-on oZenmate of Window Firewall .It all about, free of ads! Best Zenmate VPN Plugin of Chrom . It’s by using zenmate proxy on google chrome. In this tutorial I am going to discuss/show how to install zenmate on google chrome Secure browsing is becoming a concern for a growing meny users, exclusively when it comes to verysensitive personal and techinacal information. ZenMate is an extention for Chrome is here to make it easy to protect yourself: just install this Addson extension on your Chrome browser. The Addon/extension encrypts compleate traffic of your browser, unblocks all geographic restrictions or blocking, and protects you by encrypting your internet connection and all kinds of hackers in the simple posibal way : by take care of you, so don't worry about any truble or a thing. By masking or hiding your IP, ZenMate allows to browse any thing on Internet with no blocking/restrictions; your identify Ips is hidden and your data will be stored in a different country. This extention provides you the best possible privacy so that you can brows/visit any webpage you can choose, even those webpages that are normally blocked/restricted in your Region. Basically, all of your activity on internet is encrypted. ZenMate contain/includes an Extra layer of security that encrypts normal websites to give you sensitive information the best possible protection, especially/mostly for bank transfersand and online shopping. The best and famous part of this extenstion is use very easy. So come back to the point, how to unblock all restircted website in Pakistan or other country. ! Note: For turned off Proxy to have good browsing speed on non-blocked websites, is very simple in last steps. as proxy causes loading to slow down as per their server connection and speed. Zenmate Chrome Proxy installation: 1. First of all you need to install Google chrome, Click Hare to install chrome in couple of simple steps: 2. Once installed, open and run google chrome and click here to goto the “zenmate plugin” for chrome install page directly: 3. When on that page, click : “FREE” on top right and it will begin installation of the zenmate plugin on chrome. More Vist Like my pages Subscribe Me on YouTube Follow Me On Dailymotion -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to share (Android) mobile screen on pc with Google Chrome browser" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-