Sony Playstation vs Microsoft Xbox - Which Is Better - Video Game Console Comparison

Sony Playstation vs Microsoft Xbox - Which Is Better - Video Game Console Comparison


Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox have been competing and making video game consoles for over 15 years. We are comparing PS2 vs Xbox, PS3 vs Xbox 360, PS4 vs Xbox One and PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S and their history. Lets see how they all match up in this episode of Playstation versus Xbox - Video Game Console Comparison. Which console do you think is better? Let us know in the comments! #Playstation has had a longer history of making consoles than #Xbox. But Xbox has been trying to overtake Playstation's lead since the original Xbox. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL —► Watch Military Comparisons Playlist —► Facebook...................► Twitter....................► Subreddit..................► Patreon....................► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our channel —► Videos made by us and others —►

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