Setup Your Own VPN Server In 10 Minutes! (Tutorial)

Setup Your Own VPN Server In 10 Minutes! (Tutorial)

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How to setup your own personal VPN server in about 10 minutes with the secure OpenVPN protocol. No cost for up to 2 months! Links & downloads in description πŸ”»πŸ”»πŸ”» LIKE βœ”οΈ SUB βœ”οΈ SHARE βœ”οΈ Check the latest: ↩ In this video tutorial I will show you how to setup your own private VPN server using the popular cloud hosting service DigitalOcean. I will be setting up a Ubuntu Linux virtual private server that will run a highly secure OpenVPN server application. It works 100%, has military grade encryption and the server also has no DNS leaks. Setting it up is easy enough and should be possible even for beginners as long as you follow my instructions carefully. Using the DigitalOcean referral link below will get you $10 of free credit. Here's a list of the pros and cons of running your own VPN server in comparison to using a VPN service. βœ”οΈ Pros - You can get new fresh IP addresses which may not be blocked - Your connection speeds might be faster because you're the only one using the server - If used correctly it can be cheaper, even free, in the long-run compared to VPN services βœ–οΈ Cons - You don't have access to servers in as many different country locations - Custom VPN clients often have more features and different VPN protocols - Provides less privacy protection because you are the server owner, not the VPN company * This is not a sponsored video, but I do have affiliate links. EDIT: DigitalOcean now also charges for droplet storage, so you can no longer switch it on and off to save money like I suggest in the video. ℹ️ MORE INFO, LINKS, DOWNLOADS DigitalOcean Referral: PuTTY SSH Client: FileZilla Client: Pritunl OpenVPN Client: ▢️ LINUX COMMANDS 1. Update the software download lists: apt-get update 2. Upgrade the software on your server: apt-get upgrade 3. Download the OpenVPN auto-installer script: wget /Nyr/openvpn-install/master/ (Remove the space between ".com" and "/Nyr/") 4. Make sure the script has the right permissions: chmod 777 5. Run the OpenVPN installer script: bash ▢️ FEATURED & RELATED VIDEOS Best VPN For Torrenting 2018: How To Change Your IP Address: How To Use VPN For Specific Programs: ▢️ MENU DigitalOcean Cloud VPS 00:17 Software Needed 01:25 How To Setup Your Own Private VPN 02:07 ▢️ EXTRA TIPS 1. You can create up to 10 droplet servers on DigitalOcean by default. You can switch them on and off as needed. 2. If you want to add more users to your VPN server, just run the install command again: bash 3. You can use this VPN server on Android with the OpenVPN Connect client app on the Play Store. Just download the .ovpn config file from the DigitalOcean server to your Android smartphone. You can do it either through your computer or with the smartphone directly. There are several SFTP clients on the Play Store as well such as Turbo FTP or AndFTP. ❀️ ATTRIBUTION Music: LAKEY INSPIRED - Better Days Source: License: Creative Commons Music: Water Lilies Source: YouTube Audio Library Music: Silent Partner - Easy Breezy Source: YouTube Audio Library

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