Top 24 Bite Force Comparison of Animals

Top 24 Bite Force Comparison of Animals

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Top 24 Bite Force Comparison of Animals. Animal With Strongest Bite Force. Strongest Animal Bite. Bite Force unit Animals who bites really hard. Animals Bite Force. top 10 Animals with the Strongest Bite. Keywords: Comparison, Bite, Animals, Force, Leopard 300-310 PSI Tiger shark 325 PSI African wild dog 340 PSI Cougar 350 PSI Grey Wolf 406 PSI Mastiff 556 PSI Great White Shark 669 PSI African Lion 691 PSI Jaguar 700 PSI Kodiak bear 930 PSI Siberian Tiger 950 PSI Snapping turtle 1,000 PSI Bengal Tiger 1,050 PSI Hyena 1,100 PSI Polar bear 1,235 PSI Grizzly bear 1,250 PSI Bull shark 1,250 PSI Silverback gorilla 1,300 PSI Hippopotamus 1,821 PSI American alligator 2,125 PSI Nile Crocodile 5,000 PSI Saltwater Crocodile 7,700 PSI Orca 19,000+ PSI Anaconda 600 PSI Music:

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