Cisco warns users about serious vulnerability in WebVPN software

Cisco warns users about serious vulnerability in WebVPN software


Seems like someone discovers a new bug or virus or exploit in our tech infrastructure just about every other day, and sure enough, internet equipment make Cisco has just posted a warning about a new vulnerability in their Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. The latest internet faux pas is called the Cisco VPN Bug. Cisco says a flaw in their Adaptive Security Appliance, which is part of their WebVPN software, could allow a hacker to get full access and control of a system if the attacker can force a reload of the software bits that includes malicious code they’ve added in. Once activated, they can control the affected machine and gain access to the network it’s on. So far, it doesn't appear hackers have exploited the flaw. But, the flaw has rated a “10 out of 10” on the threat scale and Cisco calls it a critical problem. See what machines are vulnerable and how to patch up your system. Details: Tinder lawsuit decision: Amazon Spheres story: SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Daily: DT Originals: DT Podcasts: FOLLOW US!

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