Princess Jasmine and Little Mermaid | Water Balloon Pool Party with Twins Kate & Lilly

Princess Jasmine and Little Mermaid | Water Balloon Pool Party with Twins Kate & Lilly

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MAGIC PLAY TIME! Jasmine pranks the twins with water balloons, squirt gun, and more! Ariel helps the girls and they all have a fun pool party in the summer sunshine! Last Video: Random Video: Vlog Channel: Princess Lollipop: Ryan in Real Life: Our camera: Little tripod thing: Microphone: Action Camera: Don't forget to subscribe! **Instagram**

GIANT PRINCESS CASTLE!! Elsa Teaches Twins Kate & Lilly Magic!!

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Kate & Lilly learn how to use their magic wands from Frozen Elsa! The create an awesome riding Unicorn, a taco, a GIANT princess castle, and mo

Frozen Elsa sends Princess Merida TO JAIL!! Maleficent learns about Forgiveness

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Twins Kate and Lilly meet Princess Merida for the first time! Maleficent puts a spell on Merida. The girls learn to forgive each other! Last V

Stacy is learning to use make up toys for girls.

Stacy loves cosmetics for kids. But she does not know how to use it properly. Dad decides to help her and Stacy brings beauty. Subscribe to Like Nastya Vlog - h

Frozen ELSA and Princess Jasmine Play HIDE AND SEEK!

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Twins Kate & Lilly play hide and seek with Elsa and Jasmine! They find a tiger, t-rex, a minion and more! Lilly learns a lesson about having a

How Can Pencilmate Catch the Mermaid? -in- MERMAID OF HONOR - Pencilmation Cartoons for Kids

0:00 - MERMAID OF HONOR Pencilmate catches a very hungry mermaid. Sea, Fish and Sun : 02:43 - KEEP CLAM AND CARRY ON Pencilmate sees a huge pearl and wants i

Coloring Jasmine Disney Princess Coloring Book Page Prismacolor Paint Markers | KiMMi THE CLOWN

Join in on the fun as Kimmi The Clown colors in her Disney Princess Coloring & Activity Book from Crayola! This magical book comes with so many different pages

Jannie Pretend Play Princess Bedroom with Slide & Rapunzel Doll

Jannie pretend play in her princess bedroom with a giant pink slide and her Rapunzel doll! She gets new furniture to furnish her room into the perfect place for

NEW House ! Elsa and Anna toddlers are moving - unpacking - Surprises

Click here to see how they packed their stuff: In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers are moving to a new home ! Wa

Disney Princesses Costumes & Kids Makeup with Colors Paints Pretend Play with Real Princess Dresses

Disney Princesses Costumes & Kids Makeup with Colors Paints Pretend Play with Real Princess Dresses Collection - Thanks for watching my video! In our videos we

Peppa Pig Official Channel 🎄 Visiting Chole's Family 🎄 Peppa Pig Christmas

Peppa Pig English Episodes 🎄 Visiting Cousin Chole's Family 🎄 Peppa Pig Christmas | Peppa Pig Official ☆ Subscribe for more videos:

Alice Becames a Princess and going to a birthday

Alice dress up a beautiful Princess Dresses and does Makeup with her new Make Up toys. Alice Became a Princess And going to a birthday together with Disney Prin

Our Last Year! Twins & Toys Best of 2017 Compilation!!!

Watch Kate & Lilly over the last year as they play with characters from their imagination like Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Tiana, Maleficent, Princess Lollipop and mo

GIRLS Control DAD'S Day!

Girls Control Dad's Day! We had a fun day where the girls take control of dad's day. The girls make dad do some girlie stuff but mostly they just wanted to have

Maleficent's 3 Marker Squishies Challenge with Twins Kate and Lilly!

MAGIC PLAY TIME! Kate & Lilly want to have a three marker challenge, but Maleficent shows up and makes it even more fun!! The silly shark puppet also has a lot

Pretend Play Stuffed Animal Safari with Princess Lollipop, Kate and Lilly!

MAGIC PLAY TIME!! Princess Lollipop send twins Kate & Lilly on a jungle safari! They see ALL KINDS of stuffed animals! They even meet a GIANT gorilla and a scar

Kate & Lilly FAVORITE Videos with Elsa, Anna, Maleficent, Merida, Ariel and more Princesses!

2018 was amazing! Kate & Lilly want to watch their favorite videos with you! The videos star Merida, Frozen Elsa, Anna, Maleficent, Ariel, and of course, your f

Elsa gives Kate and Lilly DISNEY Princess OSMO Super Studio!!

This video is a paid ad for Osmo. MAGIC PLAY TIME!! Frozen Elsa gives the twins the OSMO Super Studio with the Disney Princess sketch book! They have a magical

Gaby wants to be a Disney Princess

Gaby wants to be a Disney Princess. She gets her makeup done and dresses up. Please subscribe - (Toys and Little Gaby) Gaby`s and Alex`s I

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine's Three Marker Challenge with Twins Kate and Lilly!

Challenge time!! Kate and Lilly use their magic wand to bring Princess Jasmine and Aladdin to life. It's time for a three marker challenge!! Comment below with

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