NFL RIGGED TALK: Pt.1 What Is "Sports Entertainment"

NFL RIGGED TALK: Pt.1 What Is "Sports Entertainment"

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This video discusses the relationship between the NFL & Television Networks. Does the NFL script their games for good ratings.

NFL RIGGED?? "Scripting Games" Explained.

This Video reviews gameplay footage & discusses if the NFL could script the outcome of their events This presentation is for entertainment & creative opini

AFC & NFC Conference Championships Rigged | Sign up for Patreon for Super Bowl 53 winner

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What They Secretly Told Us During the Half-Time Show (Super Bowl 2019)

I, Pet Goat II Video:

"Only Facts" NBA Rigged.Adjusting RIms In Game. Allegedly

Only Facts Podcast Add me on instagram KingJudah Also Covenant1creations This segments Audio only Link -

[BREAKING] Giants GM Dave Gettleman says team only dealt Odell because Browns - First Things First

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Scripted Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl LIII-Moses-Covington HS-Teen Wolf Moon-Nebraska

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NFL RIGGED! "A Tribute to Belichick"

This video discusses the NFL scripting the Superbowl event, to honor Bill Bilichick. This video is for entertainment.

Here We Go Again. More PROOF That the Patriots Cheated Using Referees

I can't believe it happened two years in a row. You could call it unbelievable, almost as if it's not true. Twitter:

Bobby Hebert Accuses The NFL Of Wanting The Rams To Win

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert accused the National Football League of wanting the Rams to win against the New Orleans Saints today in the N

Superbowl LII: Did Bill Belichick Purposely Throw the Game?

How far would you go to teach someone a lesson? In this mini documentary I go behind the scenes and reveal to the average fan, that the patriots losing Superbow

YES It's rigged, but WHY?

There can be no doubt what's going on, but the question is WHY? Why do they do it? Is it about the money, the ratings, the fame, the divisiveness? Certainly


This video breaks down plays & looks closely at how the NFL could scripts games. All players are not involved, & when a player makes a big play unexpectedly, th

NFL RIGGED?? Does the NFL Shave Points for Sports betting???

This video breaks down gameplay & discusses whether or not the NFL riggs their games to reflect Las Vegas gambling lines. For Entertainment & creative opinion

NFL ROUND 2 "Storylines"

Discuss possible storylines for NFL Playoffs.

Evidence of NFL Scripted Games

Fumble and recovery by the Cleveland Browns on 2nd and 2, 9:52 remaining in the 4th quarter. Game against Washington Redskins on 10-2-2016. Notice Fair use of

NFL RIGGED: Why The Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 53!!

• Patriots Win 2019 Superbowl NFL rigged scripted staged • Why The Patriots Will Most Likely Play In Superbowl 53 • Predicting The Same Two Teams From La

Brady & Belichick's Super Bowl 53 Script | Daniel 8, Genesis, Jordan, Saban, Alabama, MLB, NBA

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What Happened to These NFL Referees On This No Call?

the nfl's 2019 nfc championship featured the worse no call in nfl history. referee bill vinovich is at the center of it. MY 2ND CHANNEL:

Pro sports are rigged (And athletes are in on it)

Sound is choppy on some parts but the message still got out. Disclaimer: I do not own the content in the video. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the

10 Reasons the NFL is Scripted

On this episode of 10 Things... I give you 10 Reasons the NFL is Scripted. I don't necessarily believe these facts nor do I disagree. The facts stated in this v

NFL Scripts?? "Storylines Vs Big Market"

This video discusses the NFL scripting the outcomes of their games for the best storylines. Colin's picks

How the NFL Rigged the 2017 Season for the New England Patriots

A breakdown of the most fixed-season in professional sports history.

The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET

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PROOF NFL RIGGED! Crosby 5 Kicks missed SCRIPTED???

This video breaks down plays & is on the topic of the NFL being rigged & scripted. Matt Crosby of GB Packers rigged field goals. For entertainment & creative

NFL Rigged Patriots 100th Superbowl Win

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NFL RIGGED?? Are NFL exciting endings set up???

This Video discusses whether are not NFL rigs its primetime games for exciting endings, for your entertainment. This video is for entertainment, creative opin

SPORTS SCRITPED??? The Belichick & Saban Connection

This video discusses the connection between Bill Belichick & Nick Saban

Patriots WIN Super Bowl 53 or 54 ?? rigged scripted staged NFL

Patriots Win 2019 Superbowl NFL rigged scripted staged Why The Patriots Will Most Likely Play in Super Bowl 53 Predicting 2 teams Super Bowl LIII 53 2019 NFL PL

Football is BEYOND Rigged

He hits the uprights 4 one game? Of course it's done on purpose. These athletes are far more talented than they want us to believe.
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