Microsoft Xbox One Controller for Windows

2015-01-05 1,053 207 274,708 YouTube

A few months ago my wired Xbox 360 controller I use for PC games decided to break on me, I pressed the left analog stick button and something inside the stick snapped and it's been very loose ever since, which makes the controller unusable for the games I want to play, so instead of buying another 360 controller, I thought why not get the Xbox One controller for Windows. This Windows version of the controller is exactly the same as the standard Xbox One controller, in fact it can be used with an Xbox One just fine, it's also the same price as the standard controller. Hoover what makes it a PC controller is that it comes with an extra long micro-USB cable instead of batteries, because on a PC you have to use it wired anyway so what's the point of including them? I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you thought of it, thanks.