Proper Table Height for Massage Therapy

Proper Table Height for Massage Therapy


This is a video about the proper table height for a massage therapy appointment. Community Care College instructor, Sharon Truelove, demonstrates two acceptable heights for the massage therapist.

Proper Body Stance, Massage Therapy

A video to describe the two basic stances used in Swedish massage

How to handle massage tables?

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Swedish Massage Level 2: Scalp and Face Massage

A basic routine designed to introduce a student to scalp and face massage. Giving them basic moves for them to use to build their own routine.

Relax Zone Beauty Salon & Spa

Relax Zone Beauty Salon & Spa, only for Ladies parlour. Best service & Low rate only on at Relax Zone Salon.

Massage therapist self-care: Thumb pain

Are you a massage therapist with thumb pain? That's not too unusual. We tend to find many creative ways to injure our thumbs, often repeatedly over the course o

How Does Inversion Therapy or Hanging Upside Down Help Back Pain?

Source: If the body is oscillated or moved up and down on an inversion table, it causes a pumping action which helps the fluids aro

Increase Height with Acupressure Point At Any Age | Color Therapy For Height Increasing

See how to increase height for girls ,boys, at any age even after 21. Here are the best acupressure points to increase height fast and easy method. Subscribe u

Earthlite Spirit Portable Massage Table t with Alex Fuchs (Director of Educational Sales)


OneTouch Massage Table General Set Up - How To Instructions

In this video tutorial we will review the step-by-step instructions on how to set up your OneTouch Massage Table. This video covers important information includ

Ergo Diva says find your perfect desk height

What is the proper desk height for you? Whether you're sitting or standing here are some quick guides for finding your correct height. To your comfort and hea

How to choose the right massage table?

This video is about How to choose the right massage table?

Sheet draping techniques during a massage session

These are the techniques I use during my sessions to ensure my clients comfort and ability to relax. During my massage sessions my clients are never needlessly


Hardwood constructed Massage table has a slanted & curved, wooden top for full body oil message and Shirodhara. Head end has a special design wooden pot for oil

Massage Tutorial: Body mechanics for low tables

Using a low table isn't just for deep pressure. It's also great for doing less work! In this video, I describe several changes to the "standard" body mechanics

Keeping your posture while giving massage

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Anatomy of a Massage Table

Lief Montgomery reviews the anatomy of a Massage Table. In this video Leif uses the Earthlite Avalon Massage Table and the Nirvana 2n1 Massage Table with Ergono

Swedish Massage Level 1: Effleurage for the Anterior Leg

A basic anterior arm effleurage massage designed to introduce a student to beginning Swedish massage techniques.

Height Increase Operation

Dr Khaqan Jahangir of peshawar started operations first time to increase height 3 to 5 inch.

OneTouch Massage Table Face Cradle Adjustment - How To Adjust a Face Cradle

In this video tutorial we will show you how to set up and adjust a OneTouch massage table face cradle. This video shows specific techniques for attaching the fa
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