Sports Therapy UK - Change your Career

Sports Therapy UK - Change your Career


Meet some of our students who have changed their careers and are now qualified sports massage therapists. If you would like a career involving sport, then why not try our sports massage intro day to find out whether it's for you...

Sports Therapy. Hip Flexor Length, P.N.F. and P.I.R.

Sports Therapy. Massage and Rehabilitation - Hip flexor length, P.N.F. and P.I.R. A video by Tim Paine, founder of Sports Therapy UK.

What is Sports Therapy // Treatment for pain relief and injury prevention

What is sports therapy? Whether it is through sport, work or the effects of every day living, our muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascial tissue are constantly

BSc Sports Therapy at the University of East London

Want to know what life is like for undergraduate Sports Therapy students at UEL? Apply now to

Sports Massage using Bony Prominences on Backs

A demonstration of some uses of bony prominences to apply deep tissue techniques to the backs.

My Job: Physical Therapist

Tim specializes in sports medicine. He helps people avoid injury, get back to play after an injury, or improve their sports performance. Find out what’s invo

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage Course-Learn foot reflexology


Massage Therapy VS Chiropractic (Better for health?)

Massage Therapy and Chiropractic both aim to heal and optimize a person's body. Through different approaches they each have unique benefits but which one should

Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy - documentary short

This is the third in our series of healthcare documentary shorts. Proud to present our new documentary short featuring service user Jenny who provides invaluab

Sports Therapy UK - Level 3 Sports Massage Course

Find out more about our Level 3 Sports Massage Course from our teachers and students. We offer flexible, affordable sports massage courses and train our student

Sports Therapy MSc

Joanna Jenkins, Senior Lecturer describes the MSc in Sports Therapy at London Metropolitan University

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Into Massage Therapy

Schooling for massage is great but they don't teach you everything. Here are my top 5 things that I WISH I knew before entering into the world of Massage Therap

Physical Therapist Salary | How Much Money Does a Physical Therapist Make?

Physical therapy is a growing field in the healthcare industry. Physical therapists must earn a doctorate degree in physical therapy in order to work in the Uni

A Day in the Life at NLSSM, The North London School of Sports Massage

Join our Sport and Remedial Massage Level 5 Diploma Course: I set up NLSSM over 10 years ago, as t

How to Become a Sports Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Consultant Neal Reynolds, tells us how to get into sports physiotherapy. For more information on Physiotherapists visit: https://www.sportsinjuryc

Let's talk Sports Rehab and Sports Therapy

Our students tell us about their experiences of hands-on training at our on-site clinic and out on placement. Find out more: BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy - https:

How to do a sports massage; A trainers workshop by myPhysioSA

Ellie, a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist at myPhysioSA Adelaide, teaches a group of sports trainers the key techniques of sports and deep tissue massage f


Thank you for watching my dorm room video!😁 As a freshman in Coventry University, I lived in Priory Hall, one of the university owned accommodation. It is ve

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy students talk about their course

We went to talk to the final year BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy students at their dissertation conference. See what they said about their course.
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