How To PROPERLY Lateral Raise | 3 Common Lateral Raise Mistakes

How To PROPERLY Lateral Raise | 3 Common Lateral Raise Mistakes


↪️How To Front Raise here: 🔥FREE FORM CHEAT SHEET: The lateral raise is an excellent exercise to target and grow your shoulders, however FAR too many people perform the lateral raise incorrectly. In this video we go over a few common mistakes we notice people doing with the lateral raise exercise and talk about how to fix them. We show you how to properly execute a lateral raise and FIX YOUR FORM NOW! Fix Your Form Playlist: Fix your lat-pulldown form: Shoulder press: DB Bench press: Deadlift: Face pull: Time Stamps: (0:04)- Introduction (0:50)- Proper form Common Face Pull Mistakes: 1. (2:41)- Incorrect range of motion 2. (3:43)- The flapping bird 3. (4:12)- Lack of shoulder training knowledge ➢Online Coaching: ➢10% off EHPlabs using code "COLOSSUS10" at ➢Inquiries/booking: ➢Support Our Mission: OUR GEAR: ➢BIG CAMERA: ➢VLOG CAMERA: ➢GOPRO: ➢MIC: ➢TRIPOD: ➢HARDRIVE: ➢CHEAP BT HP: ➢Business Inquires: Check us out on our other media: ➢Snapchat: colossusfit ➢Instagram: ➢Facebook: ➢Twitter: Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share with your friends!

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