How to Automate Remote Citrix Sessions with a Macro Recorder

How to Automate Remote Citrix Sessions with a Macro Recorder


Demonstrates how to use Macro Scheduler's screen image recognition functions to reliably automate software running in a remote desktop such as a remote citrix session. For more info on Macro Scheduler see:

Advanced Citrix Automation 4.2

What you’ll learn in this video: As you’ve seen in the previous video, automating virtual environments has its own set of challenges. So in this episode, we

Automating Windows for Beginners

Macro Scheduler is more than just a Macro Recorder! Marcus runs through the "Scripting Windows for Beginners" guide in the Macro Scheduler help file, showing y

What is Citrix Server?

Eastern Illinois University (EIU) faculty, staff and experts discuss Citrix Server and its use on the EIU campus.

Citrix Automation - OCR Data Extraction

Learn how to extract data out of Citrix or Virtual Desktops applications using OCR based techniques. We can use this output later to be passed on to another app

Citrix Demo

A brief introduction to the use of Citirx

Image Recognition; Arrays; Loops & Subroutines in a Macro Recorder. #1

The first video in Antonius Momac's 3 part series on using Macro Scheduler's Image Recognition to find and click on multiple check boxes. The series demonstrat

Macro Scheduler Coding For Non-Technical Beginners - Part 1

Macro Scheduler is more than just a Macro Recorder! Peter Begelsdorf provides a quick introduction to some fundamental commands to send text and keystrokes. F

Citrix Automation - Data Entry

Here, we will learn how to automate Citrix data entry. This video shows how to use UiPath in building desktop automation for virtual applications which are acce


How to use VLOOKUP with VBA and automate calculations. Details: For more knowledge read the book Excel 20

Part-8 Automation Anywhere-Running Excel Macros with Arguments Perimeters

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A Macro Recorder with image recognition!

Macro Scheduler is more than just a Macro Recorder! Macro Scheduler's Image Recognition Wizard. Easily and quickly automate applications by making Macro Schedu

Using AutoHotKey For Windows Macro Recording

Using AutoHotKey For Windows Macro Recording

Macro Scheduler for Non-Technical Beginners

Watch in 720p or 1080p for best clarity. The amazing and versatile automation tool lets you program without knowing a programming language. For those who may be

Macro Express Pro Tutorial (1 of 5) - Program

This video is a short tutorial for the Macro Express Pro program. This is video 1 of 5.

Thin clients and server 2012

An exam of running Server 2012 via an Axel M80G thin client. We have 30 of these in a room running of an HP G7 DL380 - 2x Opteron 6274's. You can see the updat

Citrix - How to Publish an Application in Metaframe XP\PS3.0 and 4.0

Citrix - How to Publish an Application in Metaframe XP\PS3.0 and 4.0

1.1 RPA Automation Anywhere Introduction

#No.1 Robotic Process Automation Training Center in Chennai & Hyderabad: Would you like to speak Narendra Sir. Please reach him @ +91 9962079612 Book a Free De

Citrix XenServer online backup and recovery

Video uploaded from : ONE network-wide backup solution

Best Practices for Securing Thin Client Computing

SSL VPN Solutions for Citrix (ICA) and Microsoft Terminal Services (RDP). Very technical - designed to supplement the Thin Client Best Practices Guide (PDF).

Macro Recorder for Mouse Actions

Macro Scheduler is more than just a Macro Recorder! Macro Scheduler's Mouse Action Wizard For more info on Macro Scheduler see:

Citrix Streaming - User experience

Citrix Streaming - User experience

Installing the Citrix Receiver for Mac

This video is about how to install the Citrix Receiver for Mac. This will allow you access to your H drive and SMART Notebook at home!

Citrix Xen-based Bare Metal Client Virtualization Demo

This demo will provide you with an updated peak at Citrix's Project Independence, a local desktop virtualization solution, currently under development. Some of

Demo08: Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems' Xen Desktop and Citrix Delivery Center provide virtual Windows desktops directly from the datacenter complete with easily customizable configura

Citrix Mouse and iPads – A Great Team for Remote Sessions

The Citrix mouse (X1 mouse) is a Bluetooth mouse used in a remote session via the Citrix Receiver iOS app. What’s so significant is that Apple doesn’t actua

Demo at the WorkFlow Studio lab at Citrix Synergy

Victor took this video of live conversation at the Citrix Synergy tech lab

Load Test Thick Client, Citrix & Terminal Server Part2

2 of 2: Performance Testing thick client, citrix, terminal server applications quickly and easily. Demonstrated on a Citrix Xen App 'cloud' Amazon EC2 machine.

Citrix Training Video 1 session printer psc policy

Citrix Training Video covering technical training at Unitek Education in Fremont, CA. Please visit for more information.

Cisco PIX Remote Access VPN Configuration

How to configure a PIX 501 to allow Client based VPN using the Cisco VPN client software and local PIX authentication. The tutorial steps through the PDM wizar

Tutorial - How To Use Remote Desktop

Tutorial - How To Use Remote Desktop Remote Desktop enables you to connect to your computer virtually from almost any other computer. Once connected, you ca

VPN Demo

Short demo of Virtual Private Networking and Remote Desktop Session.

Installing Citrix XenServer 6.0

In this video Alexander Ervik Johnsen shows you how to install Citrix XenServer 6.0 and enabling Intellicache. For the latest in Application Delivery and Vir

AutoHotKey Slave - Better than SmartGUI! Updated!

Added some menu effects..

Radmin vs RealVNC: PC Remote Control software quality comparison

Radmin PC remote control software vs RealVNC. Fullscreen version: Video comparison of remote desktop progr