How to Automate Remote Citrix Sessions with a Macro Recorder

How to Automate Remote Citrix Sessions with a Macro Recorder


Demonstrates how to use Macro Scheduler's screen image recognition functions to reliably automate software running in a remote desktop such as a remote citrix session. For more info on Macro Scheduler see:

Automating Windows for Beginners

Macro Scheduler is more than just a Macro Recorder! Marcus runs through the "Scripting Windows for Beginners" guide in the Macro Scheduler help file, showing y

Citrix Automation - OCR Data Extraction

Learn how to extract data out of Citrix or Virtual Desktops applications using OCR based techniques. We can use this output later to be passed on to another app

Citrix Automation - Data Entry

Here, we will learn how to automate Citrix data entry. This video shows how to use UiPath in building desktop automation for virtual applications which are acce

Advanced configuration of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 using the PowerShell SDK

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 include an extremely rich PowerShell SDK that enables ease of management, configuration and automation. In this session, you will lear

4 - Citrix Presentation Server Installation

Dieses (Stummfilm-)Video beschreibt die Installation des Presentationsserver 4.5. Bitte im "HD-Modus" betrachten.

Automating Citrix NetScaler using NITRO RESTful services: Basics and Best Practices

This video explains what NITRO is, how to utilize it, the various options of NITRO, and explains the Recommended Settings and Best Practices for a Generic Imple

Citrix Demo

A brief introduction to the use of Citirx

Automating the Internet Explorer Web Browser (Entering Text and Clicking Button)

Automating InternetExplorer.Application to enter text into field, clicking a button and waiting for a page to load. Code used: Set objIE = CreateObject("Intern

Automating Michael's Data Entry on Userform - Excel VBA

Michael needed a few quick tips on how to make his form more automatic, including serial numbers auto-incrementing upon userform opening and each submission, an

Excel Automation with AutoIt

This demonstrates AutoIt's ability to navigate through an Excel spreadsheet. Although this same task can be accomplished using VBA, I really wanted to show off

Citrix Demo - Remote PC Access and Local App Access in XenDesktop 7

In this demonstration by Gabe Carrejo, WW Technology Sales Evangelist, you will see from a user's point of view, the power of combining Remote PC Access and Loc

Thin clients and server 2012

An exam of running Server 2012 via an Axel M80G thin client. We have 30 of these in a room running of an HP G7 DL380 - 2x Opteron 6274's. You can see the updat

How to use Citrix Receiver

How to use Citrix Receiver after its installed.

Mouse Recorder - Intro

Update: is the successor to the old software Mouse Recorder shown here.

Remote PC Demo by Citrix

All new Remote PC brings secure mobility to existing deployments of PCs and laptops. In this example, the consumer of the solution can BYOD to gain instant, sec

How to use Remote Start Auto Mate - #Honda #Toyota #Subaru

This is just a quick run down how to use the aftermarket remote start. #Honda #Toyota #Subaru #Lincoln #Hyundai #Kia #Ford #Chevy #Dodge #Mitsubishi #Volkswago

Web Browser Control in Microsoft Excel 2007 VBA

This video shows how to install and place a Web Browser (WebBrowser1) Control add-on into a Workbook or Worksheet. In this video the .Navigate and .GoBack optio

Citrix XenApp Web Interface Communications

More videos like this online at In this video we see visually the process of a user logging into the Citrix Web Interface server

AutoIt Image Search in English

AutoIt ImageSearch, I have been looking for a LONG time to get this to work. I found it, found how to make it work, and have presented here for you. Link to Aut

Use MailMerge Macro

How to use the Mail Merge Macro Table of Contents: 00:00 - Set Macro Security 01:17 - Add Macro to VB Editor 02:43 - Create Ribbon Button 03:27 - Test Macro
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