Massage Therapy and Marathon Runners

Massage Therapy and Marathon Runners


Learn how both deep-tissue and loose massage therapy help runners to train for marathons and also recover from marathons. Book your appointment: OR give us a call: (952) 881-2800 Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: wellbloomington Come see us: Bloomington Wellness Center 5143 W. 98th Street Bloomington, MN 55437

How to do a sports massage; A trainers workshop by myPhysioSA

Ellie, a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist at myPhysioSA Adelaide, teaches a group of sports trainers the key techniques of sports and deep tissue massage f

Common Running Injuries and Treatment

The repetitive motion of running can result in a variety of overuse injuries, especially in the early stages, where the tendency is too push hard to get results

The Great Indian Head Massage (Neck Crack) | Episode 6 | ASMR

Hello viewers, Welcome to Puremassage. This video is shot in Mumbai with Aditya. The video is a mild massage therapy with a great neck crack as seen in the thum

Sciatica Calf Pain

Having some throbbing sciatica pain in your calves??? Ever try massage or therapeutic cupping? Tammy explains the science of how massage helps sciatica Book yo


What I do after a marathon (or ultra). Basic nutrition, exercises, days off and a return to training. SUBSCRIBE:

Sports Massage for the Achilles - Part 1 featuring Stuart Hinds

Stuart Hinds has a special offer for you: Join Stuart Hinds and Australian Olympian Monica Brennan as they demonstr

Tendonitis - the Runner's Nightmare: Fix it Forever

Posterior tibial tendonitis is a well known nemesis for runners and athletes alike. Here is an effective and efficient treatment protocol to resolve posterior t

Chair Massage: Reduce Neck & Shoulder Tension FAST

Susan Salvo, author, instructor, massage therapy expert, shares her chair massage techniques. She blends joint mobilizations, massage techniques, and Tragerlike

#3 Most Common Cause of Hip Pain - Rectus Femoris Origin Strain

Get instant access my free hip pain eCourse: #hippain #hipimpingement #hippinch Call and make an appointment: 714-

How to Use a Foam Roller to Reduce Injuries With Running - ITB, hamstring, etc. Over time, running can create overuse injuries and tight muscles. If these aren't addressed, it can create pain th

Sports Massage Therapy - Post Marathon Massage - Massage Monday

Subscribe to get my weekly Massage Monday videos straight to your inbox! This week's video is a short example of a

Post Activity Sports Massage for Lower Extremities

Start a new career in massage therapy! Train in clinical massage to be a sports massage professional! Call 800.694.5314 now to begin classes soon. The SOMA Ins

Runner and Sprinter Race Performance Therapy | Dr. Jon Wilhelm | Bozeman Sports Chiropractor

Certified Sports Chiropractor and Elite Performance Therapist, Dr. Jon Wilhelm demonstrates a typical pre-event activation mobility session for a high level run

How to Massage the Hamstrings and Calves featuring Stuart Hinds

Stuart Hinds has a special offer for you: Some sports massage basics with leading Australian soft tissue therapist

Plantar Fasciitis Massage Therapy Treatment

Learn how to use massage therapy treatment for plantar fasciitis. For information about massage therapy programs visit *It is not recommen

Half Marathon Training for Beginners | 2 Tricks for Faster Recovery!

Your training is only as valuable as the recovery you're taking throughout it. One HUGE component of half marathon training is learning to balance exertion with

Sports Massage: Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Hamstring Muscles In Runners

FREE Lubopelvic Video: Get Business Mentoring: Sports Massage: Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Hamstring Muscles In

How To Give A Stress Relieving Foot Massage

Use our easy to follow guide to learn the basic techniques for a foot massage. Why not surprise that someone special in your life with these easy to learn foot

Massage Therapy for a Patient with Shoulder Blade and Back Issues

If you enjoy Rafael's content, please visit his Youtube channel: Please check out these other chiropra
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