Guys React to Women's Perfumes

Guys React to Women's Perfumes



YouTubers Rate Popular Women's Fragrances | 2017 Collaboration


5 Perfumes for Women Rated by Men

Best Perfume Favorites for Women Sexy Fragrances 0:43 1:35 2:05 2:33 3:05

Kris Scent Selections: [4] Powdery and Floral Scents Part 2 | Kris Aquino | The Aquinos

Kris Scent Selections: [4] Powdery and Floral Scents Part 2 From “pa-keme” to “pa-seduce”, Kris has laid down all the perfumes and colognes perfect fo

Pano Mag-AMOY MABANGO (Usapang Hygiene)

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Best Perfumes 2018 for Women Judged

Best Fragrances and Female Perfumes for Woman 0:15 Twilly d'Hermes 0:44 1:11 1:39 2:02 http:

Scents That Attract Men: On The RELATIONSHIP TIP

Ladies! Here is one just for you: the scents men are attracted to and how to use them! There are different scents that naturally pull men in and give what is

How To Apply Perfume & Common Mistakes

Eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de perfume, and perfume.. so many kinds and they all have different prices and intensities. There are a few must knows, so

Guys Adorably Attempt To Turn Their Girlfriends Into Perfumes | Glamour

Grass + Honey + Frozen Margaritas = The smell of love? Watch as guys do their best to distill their girlfriends into a single scent with a custom perfume. Sp

Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women

Best Fragrances Women for all Occasions Fragrances in this list: #10 00:15 #9 00:49 #8 01:20 #7

MY PERFUME COLLECTIONS 2017 I Philippines I ItsMeAira_MD

*****💄PREVIOUS VIDEOS💄***** *****💄ABOUT ME💄***** Hello Everyone, I'm Aira-zhi, filipina youtuber and vlogger! I make

8 Perfume Tips to Make Your Scent Work Harder | Beauty with Susan Yara

Whether you have a signature scent or change it up, these are the best perfume tips to make the most of your fragrance. Watch this video to see! If you liked

10 Fragrances for The Rest of My Life

My Favorite Fragrances for Men and Women #10 0:31 #9 0:57 #8 2:29 #7 4:53

My Perfume Collection & My Top Favorites!

Hey, guys! (WATCH IN HD) WHY IS THIS VIDEO SO LONG? NO IDEA! Here are my perfumes! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! WHERE I BUY A LOT OF PERFUMES:

Most complimented perfumes of 2015!

Hi guys! Today I share with you the perfumes that get me the most compliments! These are not particularly my favourite fragrances but they are the ones that peo

Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women (2016 Releases)

Here are my top 10 best perfumes for women! These are all fragrances / perfumes that were released in the year 2016! Thank you for watching! 10:

Watch These Guys React to Women's Perfumes

Ever wondered what your guy thinks about your signature scent? To give you an idea, we had some of Manila's most stylish gents to take a whiff of our favorite b



Jeremy Fragrance: Top 5 Women Perfumes

In this series of videos we are bringing to you perfume tips&tricks by famous fragrance reviewer - Jeremy Fragrance Enjoy! ⭐ Shop at Follow us

My Top 5 MOST COMPLIMENTED Fragrances For Women

I just did the men's, so now it's the ladies turn! These are my powerhouse compliment getters. All amazing perfumes...worthy of a mention. :) LINKS TO REVIEWS

Perfume Favorites for Women

Best Fragrances Perfumes for Women 2018 0:35 1:17 2:07 2:43 3:59 http://geni

What Scent Do Guys Love on Girls?

We asked our Cosmo Men Wally, Jome, and Mikko to sniff different scents and tell us what they think of each one. Will they pick citrus, musk, floral, or fruity?

My Favourite Perfumes

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How To Smell Good All The Time! | Aishwarya Kaushal

Hello everyone! I thought these tips would be helpful to many of you since all of us want to smell amazing all the time, right? Comment below telling me your fa

PERFUME COLLECTION 2018 | My Must-Haves!!

PERFUME COLLECTION 2018 | My Favorite Fragrances | Must Haves!! | THUMBS UP if you ♡ it - and please SUBSCRIBE - it's FREE!! Click for MORE goodies ; ______

Best Perfumes 2018 | Long Lasting + Most Complimented

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NEW Valentines perfumes for her and fragrances for him wrapped up in this video. I really hope you enjoy this video and it gives you some fragrance inspiration

Top 10 Most Seductive Perfumes For Women

Top 10 Most Seductive Perfumes For Women The perfect perfume is something that every woman needs and is something that most women want. But the trial and error

Perfumes for Women 2018

Best Fragrances for Women Perfumes : 0:10 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 0:37 1:19 1:55 2:45 http://ge

My Favorite LUXURY Perfumes

Hi guys I thought I would share some of my Favorite Luxury Perfumes. The lighting is a bit off due to the sun playing hide and seek haha. Thank you soo much for

What Guys Think: Men Rate 3 Popular Perfumes

I have three favorite perfumes and wanted to find out what guys think of them. Up for the test: Victoria's Secret Fabulous, Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge and Prada Cand

Best Perfumes for Women

My favourite perfumes for women, half designer / half niche Click the time for the Niche list 8:42

Men's Thoughts On PERFUME

Can we get 3,000,000,000,000,001 likes? ;) Please subscribe to Alex, Chris, and Justin! They're amazing! Chris

Top 10 Best Women's Perfumes / Fragrances! 2015

These are my top 10 / ten favorite / best perfumes / fragrances for women for the year 2015. I hope you like my fragrance picks / recommendations! Quality fra


Hey guys, what's up? This is Ness from the VavaCouture beauty channel... (subscribe here: Here today we will be going over the top thre

Top 10 Best New WOMEN's Perfumes 2017 - 2018 | Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Hey guys, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I wanted to share with you guys my Top 10 Best New Women's Perfumes released in 2017. This video would m

❤ 5 Perfumes That Attract Guys! ❤

In this video I will share 5 perfumes that I get the most compliments on from the opposite sex. Support by subscribing! :) BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected]

Top 5 Perfumes 2016 | My Favorite Perfumes

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TOP 10 AFFORDABLE FRAGRANCES - 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. https://am

Top 5 Sexiest Women Perfumes

My Perfume Favorites for Woman Fragrances in this Top 5 List: 0:19 1:19 2:33 #5 4:14 http://geni.u

10 Most Complimented Perfumes for Women | Best Fragrances for Women in the World 2017

List of 10 Best Fragrances for Women that get the Most Compliments from Men and Women alike! Buy it Here This list was selected after m

Sexiest Womens Perfumes/Fragrances!!

Here is a list of five sexiest women perfumes/fragrances to my nose! Enjoy! :)

Top 10 Most Complimented Perfume/Cologne

Fragrances in this List: #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 http://

SUNDAY SELECT: My Top 5 Affordable Summer Fragrances for Women 2015

New series 'SUNDAY SELECT' starting with this list of fragrances for women! Please like, share, and subscribe if you enjoy the content :) Blog: etternax.blogsp

My Favorite Perfumes EXPENSIVE and AFFORDABLE!

Hey boo's! Here's a video about my favorite perfumes : expensive and affordable! I love shopping for new fragrances and am addicted to smellin' good! LOL Hope y

Top 10 Best Long Lasting Fragrances For Men

Strongest Fragrance Colognes For Men 2018 #10 0:13 Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Tonka #9 0:37 #8 1:19 #7 1:35 http://ge

SEXIEST Scents EVER: Top 4 Scents to Get Your Crush to Notice You This Year

Latest Upload and New Giveaway! "I Copied Cardi B's Maternity Photos... " --~-- This video gives you the top 4 sexi

Best Date Fragrances for Men

Cologne Recommendations Most Complimented Fragrances for Men 1:03 1:45 2:13 2:50

What's In Solenn Heussaff's Bag?

Find out the It Girl's essentials.