Great PC Games to Play With Your Kids: Castle Crashers!

Great PC Games to Play With Your Kids: Castle Crashers!


Castle Crashers is a fantastic rpg / beat 'em up for up to four players. Collect weapons, pets, and characters while defeating the evil wizard's army! Castle Crashers can be purchased on steam for $14.99:

Castle Crashers ~ All Bosses

All bosses from Castle Crashers, played using the ice knight. I went through only leveling up damage and defense. Timestamps: War Machine (Miniboss) - 0:03 Ba

Father and Son Play: Castle Crashers

Kyle and I playing Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360. Enjoy!

C. Crashing a Wedding

This animation is by far my longest and most complicated. It took me about five months to make (but school took a lot of that time). It was originally submitted

Castle Crashers - Maxed Agility VS All Bosses - Madcowe

Maxed Agility VS All Bosses on Castle Crashers. Many people think agility is useless, but hopefully you'll change your mind after you see this :3 The only tr

Castle Crashers - All Animal Orb Locations

Here are all the locations and descriptions for every animal orb in Castle Crashers! I hope this helps you all out, if it did please leave a rating down below!

Castle Crashers Insane mode Pink Knight Desert

Just screwing around with the Pink Knight.

Castle Crashers 4 bears one controller speedrun in 1:06:26

It's the 4 rebel bears lol

C. Crashing Frost King

This animation took me about four weeks to make. It was originally submitted at Newgrounds on January 22 2011, and I've finally been able to upload it on Youtub

Castle Crashers - Como pegar todos os pets (how to get all pets)

Tutorial de como pegar todos os pets no Castle Crashers edição robert Bangarang - Skrillex Reptile - Skrillex King of Kings - Manowar Lost Woods - Ephixa g

Let's Play Castle Crashers| Part 01: Barbarians' House [4-Player]

I love this game. I bought this like a week ago on Xbox Live and can't put it down since. Although like half the servers are full little kids... So some Evil W

Castle Crashers Full walkthrough

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Castle Crashers minecraft Xbox map - Acid

In this part, I will beat the map as the acid knight

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List of some of the best PC games for Kids: 10. LEGO Marvel's Avengers 9. Disney's Monster 8. I Spy Treasure Hunt 7. The Kids Collection 6. Barbie Horse Adventu

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Alex Gordon - PC Games Arcade & Action Games - Videos games for Kids - Girls Alex Gordon is a fedora-wearing feline. Help this fabulous cat travel five dazzli

Castle Crashers Remastered Announcement Trailer | We brought Castle Crashers to Xbox One on September 9, 2015! Get it today:
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