Thai Massage Demonstration with Sukha Wong

Thai Massage Demonstration with Sukha Wong


Thai Massage is for everyone! Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor through comfortable loose clothing. It is an accessible form of massage, combining meditation, stretches, acupressure/compressions, reflexology and energy. You don’t have to be an expert to produce outstanding results. The Lotus Palm system makes learning easy, and this workshop shows you how to tap into your own innate abilities to give a sensational massage. -- For more information about courses, visit Music: 'Air' from the Lotus Palm Metta CD available on our store:

Kam Thye Chow performs Thai Yoga Massage

More information on our website: Lotus Palm's Thai massage mat → Guillaume is one lucky

Thai Warrior Massage..01/09/2016..

Jack Shaman.

Press Here for 30 Seconds, And See What Will Happen to Your Body

How to Heal Yourself with Reflexology. In case you’re that type of person who runs to the pharmacy and grabs pills, ointment, syrup, or drops to feel better w

Baji Quan post training massage (part 1)

The first part of the famous post training massage demonstrated by Wu LianZhi on an anonymous victim. Shot at the Wu family baji quan seminar, march 2010, Aix e

Lotus Palm Centre - feature from Mlle (Par ici la Sortie)

Lotus Palm Centre, Thai Yoga Massage and School in Montreal, featured on channel Mlle. Hosts get a massage, and learn about the school. More information on ou

Deep Tissue 2hr Thai Massage for only $15!!! Foot massage for $7 an hour! I love Thailand!

With over 150,000 views on #YouTube! See why this is one of our most popular videos from #Bangkok #Thailand! Living on $1,000 a Month in Thailand! Healthland is

FLUID THAI MASSAGE -Thai Vedic Bodywork demo by Sebastian Bruno

Thai Vedic is the perfect union of timeless Ayurvedic principles and Traditional Thai Medicine, this bodywork art bridges some of the world’s greatest holisti


Hi Everyone, My name is Kea Thai Massage Instructor base in Bangkok, Thailand. I would like to share you my technique how to do Thai Massage with stretching to

Thai Massage, Ayurveda and movement meditation. ThaiVedic Bodywork by Sebastian Bruno

ThaiVedic bridges the timeless Ayurvedic principles of diagnosis with the fluid, meditative art of Thai Massage. Trainings offered worldwide:

Advanced Practice - Dancing Thai Massage with Kam Thye Chow

Dancing Thai Massage Advanced Practice at the Bahamas Sivananda Ashram Beach (with Kam Thye Chow) (

Flying HeartMind Shiatsu

Tune in and allow yourself to be transported to a new world with Flying HeartMind Shiatsu. Matthew Sweigart with Kris Schaffer demonstrate this innovative metho

Lulyani - Dynamic Thai Massage - Perpetual Movement Poetry

Dynamic Thai Massage Lulyani, school of Thai Massage & Osteothai Courses for beginners and advanced practitioners with David Lutt in France - Europe - Thailand

Thai Massage stretching by Thai massage school THAI MASSAGE SCHOOL OF CHIANGMAI E-mail : ----------- How to do Thai massage stretching with safety. Thai massage t

Thai Yoga Massage 40-minute Tutorial

This is a 40-minute thai yoga massage tutorial. I talk through it a bit and give you ideas to share this with people you know. I made this soon after I was tra

Partner Yoga - Thai Yoga Massage (Lazy Mans Yoga)

This Thai Yoga Massage is a partner yoga that you can share in the healing energy in touch, and help in connection with other people. Partner yoga, or Thai mas

How to Do Thai Massage for Lower Back Pain & Hip Pain Relief, Part 1

Deep Tissue Massage vs. Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques , Jen Hilman Austin Back Rub ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail ♥ Help

Thai Massage - Back & Neck Stretch & Massage, Seated Thai Massage

Thai Massage(Lazy Man's Yoga) - Learn about Thai Massage, sort of like an assisted Yoga, that naturally heals, and combines aspects of Yoga, Massage, and other

Thai Chair Massage 2

More information on our website: Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderful massage technique that can be done anywhere anytime. Thai Massage is

Thai massage cu Vali Luca

Detensionarea şi relaxarea muşchilor după antrenamente sunt foarte importante; Vali Luca a absolvit cursurile şcolii “Ong’s School Thai Massage” din T

Amazing hair cracking head massage( Must Watch)

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