Thai Massage Demonstration with Sukha Wong

Thai Massage Demonstration with Sukha Wong


Thai Massage is for everyone! Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor through comfortable loose clothing. It is an accessible form of massage, combining meditation, stretches, acupressure/compressions, reflexology and energy. You don’t have to be an expert to produce outstanding results. The Lotus Palm system makes learning easy, and this workshop shows you how to tap into your own innate abilities to give a sensational massage. -- For more information about courses, visit Music: 'Air' from the Lotus Palm Metta CD available on our store:

Kam Thye Chow performs Thai Yoga Massage

More information on our website: Lotus Palm's Thai massage mat → Guillaume is one lucky

Thai Massage stretching by Thai massage school THAI MASSAGE SCHOOL OF CHIANGMAI E-mail : [email protected] ----------- How to do Thai massage stretching with safety. Thai massage t

Amazing hair cracking head massage( Must Watch)

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Press Here for 30 Seconds, And See What Will Happen to Your Body

How to Heal Yourself with Reflexology. In case you’re that type of person who runs to the pharmacy and grabs pills, ointment, syrup, or drops to feel better w

FLUID THAI MASSAGE -Thai Vedic Bodywork demo by Sebastian Bruno

Thai Vedic is the perfect union of timeless Ayurvedic principles and Traditional Thai Medicine, this bodywork art bridges some of the world’s greatest holisti

Flying HeartMind Shiatsu

Tune in and allow yourself to be transported to a new world with Flying HeartMind Shiatsu. Matthew Sweigart with Kris Schaffer demonstrate this innovative metho

Daniel Hoang Intro Thai Massage

Treating the body with Traditional Thai Massage . Feat Daniel Hoang a great way to release tension and back pain.


Hi Everyone, My name is Kea Thai Massage Instructor base in Bangkok, Thailand. I would like to share you my technique how to do Thai Massage with stretching to

Thai Lesson: Getting A Thai Massage

Learn the written explanation here: More Free Lessons at : Write me at [email protected] to

Yoga stretch massage

Yoga stretch - this is yoga practice with a partner. There are situations when you cannot stretch yourself well, when you don’t see your own problems or your

ThaiVedic- Thai Massage explorations with Sebastian Bruno

ThaiVedic bridges timeless Ayurvedic wisdom with the meditative techniques of ThaiMassage.

Thai Massage Demo

We give our students a general massage foundation based on Swedish massage. And since there are over 250 different types of massage modalities, we try to introd

Advanced Practice - Dancing Thai Massage with Kam Thye Chow

Dancing Thai Massage Advanced Practice at the Bahamas Sivananda Ashram Beach (with Kam Thye Chow) (

TME Thai Yoga Massage Techniques

Find more on our Website: The Thai Yoga Massage Video Tutorial shows a complete and fluent thai yoga massage which is subdivi

The Great Indian Head Massage (Neck Crack) | Episode 6 | ASMR

Hello viewers, Welcome to Puremassage. This video is shot in Mumbai with Aditya. The video is a mild massage therapy with a great neck crack as seen in the thum

Partner Yoga - Thai Yoga Massage (Lazy Mans Yoga)

This Thai Yoga Massage is a partner yoga that you can share in the healing energy in touch, and help in connection with other people. Partner yoga, or Thai mas

How to Do Thai Massage for Lower Back Pain & Hip Pain Relief, Part 1

Deep Tissue Massage vs. Swedish Massage Therapy Techniques , Jen Hilman Austin Back Rub ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail ♥ Help

Thai Reflexology Level 2

Please enjoy, this quick video, outlining some of the things students will learn in Lotus Palm's Thai Reflexology level 2 course. In this workshop you will fur

THAI VEDIC- Ayurveda meets Thai Massage. 5 Vayus

A "fast flow" demo of our 5 Vayus mini sequences put together into a full sequence, as part of our Thai Vedic Bodywork Level 2 in Geneva. Find out more on www.t

Thai Chair Massage 1

More information on our website: Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderful massage technique that can be done anywhere anytime. Thai Massage is

Lotus Palm ~ Ashiatsu Mat with Sukha Wong

* New Course / Ashiatsu Mat Visit our website This video is a quick peek, at what you will learn during Lotus Palm's three day Ashiats

Thai Yoga Massage 40-minute Tutorial

This is a 40-minute thai yoga massage tutorial. I talk through it a bit and give you ideas to share this with people you know. I made this soon after I was tra

Thai yoga massage demo compilation: corrective tutorial, the don'ts

This is a compilation of four demonstration videos that we made years ago. Looking back now through the eyes of a teacher, I can see the small technical flaws t

Full chair massage routine

1ST draft Chaz Armstrong chair massage routine.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is unlike a table massage. It is done on a mat on the floor and the receiver remains fully dressed. There is no massage oil or cream in

Thai Massage - Sitting Position (Posição Sentado) ITM School style

Esta é a sequência de Thai Massagem - Posição Sentado, seguindo o método de ensino da Escola Tailandesa ITM School. Professora Barbara Santos leciona curs

Thai Chair Massage 2

More information on our website: Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderful massage technique that can be done anywhere anytime. Thai Massage is

A Thai Massage

A seven minute video of myself (A non Thai person) performing a basic Thai Massage session. Nothing fancy :) Shout out to Robin Berkelmans for being the model!

Lotus Palm - Table Thai Yoga Massage

Visit us Online Table Thai Yoga Massage brings the incredible benefits of Thai Yoga Massage to the comforts of a massage table. This t

Thai YOGA Massage

Thai YOGA Massage - the sacred dance and the best treatment you can get

Thai foot massage, Pattaya || Thailand

#thaifootmassage #pattaya #thailand Thai foot massage is best way to relax ur tension and must things to do in Thailand. Pattaya has great selection of massage

Thai Massage & Ayurveda- ThaiVedic Demo

ThaiVedic Demo for our ThaiVedic Bodywork Level 1 in Thailand. More info at:

Master Thai Yoga Massage Table Thai Basics

Learn SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Massage Table Thai Basics Core Concepts for the Massage Table. This video demonstrates five different attitudes applying SomaVeda® s

Lotus Palm - Prenatal and Elderly Thai Yoga Massage

Visit us online Presented by Melaine Lecesne Thai Yoga Massage is especially well suited for women seeking relief from the natural st

Introduction to Thai Massage

Watch AMTA National Convention speaker Jill Burynski provide a hands-on demonstration in this introduction to Thai massage. This tutorial is intended to provid

The Best Massage in Los Angeles is Thai Yoga | #TheSASS with Susan and Sharzad

If you're looking for the best massage in Los Angeles, then you've come to the right place. Except this isn't an ordinary massage, it's Thai massage. In this ep

Foot & Leg Massage Tutorial, Thai Body Work, How to, Spa Techniques, Relaxing Music, HD 60 fps

Robert Gardner teaches you foot and leg Thai Massage techniques to relieve back pain, flat feet, fallen arches and problems in the legs. ♥ Start Your Two Wee

Thai Back Massage Demonstration - This video features some techniques from Thai Healing Massage Academy's Thai Back Massage home s

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Michael Sitzer- Foundational Flow in Fast Time...

Live & Online Thai trainings at: This is the entire full body sequence as taught by Michael Sitzer in his 'Foundations of Thai Yoga Bod

Lotus Palm chair massage - Thai Yoga Massage anywhere!

More information on our website: Lotus Palm's Thai massage mat → Thai Yoga Massage is a

Lotus Palm ~ Thai Reflexology

Visit us online Please enjoy, this quick video, outlining what students will learn in Lotus Palm's Thai reflexology courses. There ar

How to Balance Vata with Bodywork [Thai Yoga Massage Sequence] With Sebastian Bruno

Learn more about Bodywork with Sebastian and the ThaiVedic International School of Healing Arts, which Sebastian co-founded with Kimmana https://www.holisticnom

Extreme Bodybuilder Massage | Opening Up 4:15

Thanks for watching my video! I have fun making these and I plan on doing a lot more so please subscribe and be active! Let me know what you thought about the v

Thai Yoga, Thai Massage SomaVeda® Bolster Magic for Head, Neck and Shoulder

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Bolster Magic: Head, Neck and Shoulder Use Somveda® Thai Yoga Bolster Master to bring awareness, energy, attention, breath, consciousness

Thai Massage - Hips & Legs Stretches. Demonstration & How To

Thai Massage(Lazy Man's Yoga) - Learn about Thai Massage, sort of like an assisted Yoga, that naturally heals, and combines aspects of Yoga, Massage, and other

Leg, Glute & Foot Massage Techniques: Thai Massage Tutorial with Robert, Relaxing Voice & Music

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Thai Massage - Back & Neck Stretch & Massage, Seated Thai Massage

Thai Massage(Lazy Man's Yoga) - Learn about Thai Massage, sort of like an assisted Yoga, that naturally heals, and combines aspects of Yoga, Massage, and other


Australian Thai Massage college - A demonstration of the Thai massage Sitting Position sequence taught by Valentina Gombi in Byron Bay

Maharaja Massage 🔥🔥 Thai Massage 🔥🔥Thai Healing Service

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