RIP Toys R Us - Thanks For The Games

RIP Toys R Us - Thanks For The Games


Toys“R”Us was the world's largest toy store for decades, and now it's closing up shop. I've bought so many toys and games there, even as an adult. Time to say goodbye. Yell at me on twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Stealing From Toys R Us

Animated remix of a video I uploaded in 2008 but took down a few months later. I left a few details out of the original but now I'm sharing all the juicy intel

100k Subscriber Unboxing + New ANNOUNCEMENT of an Announcement

New channel announcements and the unboxing of a 100,000 subscriber plaque thing. As always, thank you guys so much. I'm grateful for you watching. Yell at me o

Ready Player One - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Ready Player One (2018, Steven Spielberg) is a virtual reality nostalgia-packed, reference-filled movie...but how is it? As a fan of the book it was based on, I

The Rise And Fall Of Toys R Us

Toys R Us is closing its doors for good. The toy emporium that Charles P. Lazarus envisioned has been reduced to dusty floors and empty shelves. Much has been

15 Best E3 Moments of Ownage, Embarrassment and Insanity

Year in and year out, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has served as a place of memories. We remember the greatest reveals, the biggest announcements and the m

Live Video Game Hunting #4 - Craigslist, Toys R' Us, Flea Market and Thrift Store!

Today, we go on my usual video game hunting route, which involves Craigslist, Savers, Toys R' Us,, and the Flea Market! Send me an E-Mail and let me know how y

I Spent 24 Hours in Abandoned Toys R Us *Secret Footage*!

Marlin explores secretly the last toys r us ever. He spends 24 hours Challenge inside abandoned toys r us. this is the final toys r us video ever. This is the f

Last Days of Toys "R" Us Insane Clearance

Heading to my Local Toys "R" Us that is about to close for good to check out the incredible 50-70% sale. Nintendo and Lego was sadly long gone but there is stil

The Decline of Toys R Us...What Happened?

This week Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy. It was shocking news and left everyone wondering what happened. This video takes a look at Toys R Us and explores

OPENING Final Fantasy TCG Booster Packs and More!

We take an early look at the newest Final Fantasy Opus V booster packs and starter decks coming out on March 23rd. Unboxing a Pokemon BreakPoint Booster Box ht

Toys R Us Salisbury, MD #8385 Fight Song

Still Fighting. #SaveToysRUs I Do Not Own The Music Played In This Video!

How Toys R Us Entered The Red Ring Of Death - The Rise And Fall

Subscribe: Songs Used: V-LOG Channel: https://www

Toys R Us Kids - A Mini Documentary

This is a Retrospective look back at Toy R Us and the impact it has had on a group of 80's kids. We combine a brief history of the company and founder Charles L

The Sad Rise and Fall of Toys R Us: The End of When Toys Ruled the World

On this episode Dan digs through the history of beloved and nearly departed toy store Toys R Us. From its humble beginnings as Bargainworld to it's website and

Toys R Us Closing Cranberry Township, PA

Toys R Us Closing Cranberry Township, PA. One of the nicer stores I've visited. I've been shopping at this one my whole life. Going to be sad not being here any


Toys R Us is CLOSING FOREVER! I visit my nearest store and record what may be my last time ever in search of CHEAP DEALS and Pokemon Cards! Join the Hart Squad!

Geoffrey the Giraffe Despondent Over Toys 'R' Us Closing

Toys 'R' Us is going out of business and is closing all 735 of their stores. There are many people who are upset about this, including Geoffrey the Giraffe who

Video Games and Toys"R"US Haul

Video Game and Toys"R"US Haul Follow me on Twitter: Subscribe: Don't forg

Toys“R”Us closing hits hard for Vin Diesel

I can't even begin to express how bummed out I am that Toys“R”Us is going under. It was my favorite place to go as a kid and I even enjoyed it way more than
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