ABC-TV fail 2018 - FEWEST viewers among the 4 biggest networks

ABC-TV fail 2018 - FEWEST viewers among the 4 biggest networks


UPDATE: In Nov 2018, ABC finally FIRED Dungey. It was long overdue. ABC TV is tanking. In Jan 2018, ABC has just one program in the top 25 and it placed 24. The leftist programming exec who cancelled the conservative "Last Man Standing" has a slew of failed shows to answer for. Really, how bad do you have to be to get fired at ABC? Dungey's no-class, failing shows include Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Fresh off the Boat, Black-ish and the very tasteless - Speechless. A white male executive with this high number of failures be long gone by now - but a liberal black female - that's another story. ABC-TV failing - LOWEST ratings among the 4 biggest networks

Pelosi blathering incoherently - It's STUNNING ( NOTE crooked mouth, droopy left eye)

This evil demented woman is unfit to serve. LINK IT. SHARE IT. LINKS to story on US Gov't funding border wall - for JORDAN - in 2018 https://www.washingtont

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The Rise And Fall Of NASCAR

Americans have been swiftly falling out of love with NASCAR. The iconic US sports league has had an undeniably rough few years, from a rapid drop in TV ratings,

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CNN's ratings abysmal in Q1

CNN placed 7th for daytime and 11th for primetime in 2018 Q1, and not one of their shows cracked the top 20. The Resident breaks it down. Follow The Resident at

Nancy P - out of her f'ing mind - UNFIT for office

LINK IT, SHARE IT. Make it go viral. Pelosi is as demented as Norma Desmond Incoherent, delusional, slurring her words, losing her tr

CNN ratings take a hit in the wake of Trump

Branded as ‘the most trusted name in news’ CNN is now losing viewership and seeing a decrease in ratings, lagging far behind its competition. Many blame the

Pelosi is NUTS - slurring words, losing her place

Dementia or Drunk ? Whatever. Something is radically wrong with this 78 year old LOON. She's more crazy than Norma Desmond - the washed up movie star in Suns

I will follow HIM - 1992

From the hit film "Sister Act".

CNN's prime time ratings fall below the Food Channel

According to Nielsen Market Research, CNN's primetime ratings have once again taken a tumble, this time down to 13th place, while Fox News and MSNBC remain 1 an

Why are the NFL's Ratings Declining?

A bit of a different video than ones I usually make. One thing that has intrigued me as of late is the decline of the NFL's ratings and the gigantic red flags s

Ratings Race: CNN Down, Fox News Maintains Lead

In primetime CNN is trailing behind HGTV, the History Channel and the Food Network. MSNBC is also trailing after making gains against Fox News last year. To put

Baby it's cold outside - song from the 1949 movie Neptune's Daughter

Flirtatious song from 70 year old film. Notice that a woman is trying to seduce a man in the second half of the song.

The Decline of ESPN... From $50 BILLION Dollar Empire to Potential DISASTER

With another disappointing quarter in the books, the sports media giant ESPN is looking at another round of layoffs. After dominating the cable industry through

Pittsburgh Hospital Staff welcomes TRUMP and family

Pres Trump at UMPC 10-31-2018. Hospital staff thanks Trump for coming to Pittsburgh.

Samsung with the World's Largest 170" SUHDTV - Abt CES 2016

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CNN prime time ratings plummet 30% compared to this time last year

According to AdWeek, CNN’s prime time ratings have dropped a whopping 30% since this time last year. Their daytime ratings also dropped 23%. The Resident brea

Harry Reid on anchor babies, birthright citizenship

Harry Reid sounding like Pres Trump on the idiocy of rewarding ILLEGAL ALIENS with birthright citizenship.

Colbert Fail: Ratings for Late Night Liberals are Imploding!

Colbert may hate Kanye's support of Trump, but nobody's listening! Just another indicator that the culture is drifting away from this secular liberal rot! Join

At least 22 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS in USA - 39 Million STOLEN SS#s

A Yale study proves that the number of ILLEGALs in the US is at least 22 Million which is DOUBLE the number the media has been using for 12 years. The actual

AOC's Green Deal roasted by top DEM advisor

Alexandria Osacio-Cortez has put her face on a crazy new GREEN DEAL that could destroy the U.S.economy. Crazy Cory Booker compares AOC's Green Deal to going

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Pres Trump Wall Speech - 01 08 2019, VICTIMS of ILLEGAL aliens

VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS POSTER: In a clear and concise speech, President Trump laid out the reason

Oscars decline in ratings, in keeping with TV trend

Ratings for the 2018 Academy Awards are projected to be the lowest ever, but it's not the only show on TV declining in viewers. Subscribe to the CBS News Chann

Mainstream fail - viewers leaving TV for the Internet

A new report shows viewers are leaving the mainstream media by the droves. According to statistics CNN is loosing 50 percent of its total viewers leading the li

Howie Carr Show

Howie Carr is LIVE!

Pelosi is Norma Desmond - ready for her close up

Demented, Delusional DemocRAT

Pres TRUMP vs. Obama approval rating, 2 years into presidency

Pres Trump's Approval Rating is 2 points higher than Obama's exactly 8 years ago. Trump at 48%, Obama was 46% - and this was just before the State of the Unio