ABC-TV fail 2018 - FEWEST viewers among the 4 biggest networks

ABC-TV fail 2018 - FEWEST viewers among the 4 biggest networks


UPDATE: In Nov 2018, ABC finally FIRED Dungey. It was long overdue. ABC TV is tanking. In Jan 2018, ABC has just one program in the top 25 and it placed 24. The leftist programming exec who cancelled the conservative "Last Man Standing" has a slew of failed shows to answer for. Really, how bad do you have to be to get fired at ABC? Dungey's no-class, failing shows include Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Fresh off the Boat, Black-ish and the very tasteless - Speechless. A white male executive with this high number of failures be long gone by now - but a liberal black female - that's another story. ABC-TV failing - LOWEST ratings among the 4 biggest networks

CNN's ratings abysmal in Q1

CNN placed 7th for daytime and 11th for primetime in 2018 Q1, and not one of their shows cracked the top 20. The Resident breaks it down. Follow The Resident at

Pelosi blabbering incoherently on Laredo border Feb 2019

Yes - the editing - done by another poster - exaggerates her issues. Her border speech rambled for 9 minutes but the take away is she wants OPEN BORDERS. The

Streaming vs Cable: Who Wins?

Streaming services are taking a bite out of cable's viewership numbers. But who will win in the long run? Jason Siegel, co-founder and Chief Digital Officer at

CNN prime time ratings plummet 30% compared to this time last year

According to AdWeek, CNN’s prime time ratings have dropped a whopping 30% since this time last year. Their daytime ratings also dropped 23%. The Resident brea

CNN's prime time ratings fall below the Food Channel

According to Nielsen Market Research, CNN's primetime ratings have once again taken a tumble, this time down to 13th place, while Fox News and MSNBC remain 1 an

The Rise And Fall Of NASCAR

Americans have been swiftly falling out of love with NASCAR. The iconic US sports league has had an undeniably rough few years, from a rapid drop in TV ratings,

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Octane vs Cetane Number - Gas vs Diesel

What is octane rating? What is cetane number? Gas & diesel ratings. Does Europe Have "Better" Fuel? - Recommended Books & Car Produ

Why are the NFL's Ratings Declining?

A bit of a different video than ones I usually make. One thing that has intrigued me as of late is the decline of the NFL's ratings and the gigantic red flags s

Ratings for Late Night Liberals are Imploding!

Here's why the ratings for the late night clowns have been in a FREE FALL!!! ***Support my channel by getting our gear and accessories that celebrate all things

Obama & Rice allowed Russia to interfere in American elections - intentionally !!!

Mueller's report looks bad for Obama "The Mueller report fl

Ratings Race: CNN Down, Fox News Maintains Lead

In primetime CNN is trailing behind HGTV, the History Channel and the Food Network. MSNBC is also trailing after making gains against Fox News last year. To put

Nancy Pelosi talking with hands - NO EDITS

Pelosi - She's like a ship without a rudder

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BETO - jazz hands, thinks he was born to be President

Flailing his arms and crying out - global warming and extinction. Beto is as phony as it gets in politicians - the John Edwards of 2020. Trump said Beto has a

The Jerry Nadler you don't see on TV

Nadler is a bitter fat little pig of a man. Look at the disgusting belt he's wearing. And this is AFTER he had his stomach stapled when he weighed 340 POUND
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