How to Pronounce the Icelandic Alphabet Including Ð and Þ | Voiced By 3 Adorable Icelandic Boys

How to Pronounce the Icelandic Alphabet Including Ð and Þ | Voiced By 3 Adorable Icelandic Boys

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If you are interested in learning the Icelandic alphabet from our Save ÍSLENSKA flashcards, please subscribe below, to be the first 25 to get a discount up to 50%. Thank you for your support :). ☞ Learn more about project Save ÍSLENSKA here ☞ For more Icelandic lessons in our blog ☞ Register for a free copy of Save ÍSLENSKA flashcards (NOT for personal use. For schools and universities only.) : ☞ --- Joined Save ÍSLENSKA (Icelandic Language Learning Community) group: ☞ --- In this Icelandic pronunciation lesson, you will learn how to pronounce the 32 letters of the Icelandic alphabet with an example of an Icelandic word for each letter. For example, the example word for the Icelandic letter "A" is "Api" which means "monkey" in Icelandic. The Icelandic alphabet example words and the translation: 0:08 letter A/a (Api = monkey) 0:13 letter Á/á (Ás = ace) 0:16 letter B/b (Bók = book) 0:20 letter D/d (Dreki = dragon) 0:24 letter Ð/ð (Eðla = lizard) 0:28 letter E/e (Eldur = fire) 0:32 letter É/é (Él = hail) 0:36 letter F/f (Folald = baby horse) 0:40 letter G/g (Grís = pig) 0:44 letter H/h (Hestur = horse) 0:48 letter I/i (Inn = inside) 0:52 letter Í/í (Ís = ice cream) 0:56 letter J/j (Jójó = yo-yo) 1:00 letter K/k (Kaka = cake) 1:04 letter L/l (Lómur = red throated loon) 1:08 letter M/m (Máni = moon) 1:12 letter N/n (Nesti = lunch box) 1:16 letter O/o (ormur = worm) 1:20 letter Ó/ó (Órói = wind chime) 1:24 letter P/p (Poki = bag) 1:28 letter R/r (Rúta = bus) 1:32 letter S/s (Sími = phone) 1:36 letter T/t (Taska = case (e.g. school bag, luggage)) 1:40 letter U/u (Ugla = owl) 1:44 letter Ú/ú (Úlfur = wolf) 1:49 letter V/v (Vika = week) 1:52 letter X/x (Fax = main) 1:55 letter Y/y (Fyndið = funny) 2:00 letter Ý/ý (Grýla = the mother of 13 Icelandic Santas) 2:04 letter Þ/þ (Þota = jet) 2:07 letter Æ/æ (Spæta = woodpecker) 2:11 letter Ö/ö (Önd = duck) A huge thank you to our little voice actors - Arnar Óli Ólafsson - Bjarki Valur Ólafsson - Egill Orri Ólafsson --- !!Facts about the Icelandic language!! + Did you know that the Icelandic language is the closest language to old Norse? + The Icelandic language is descended from old Norse which was spoken by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. It is one of the oldest languages in Europe. --- + Did you know Icelandic is going EXTINCT? + There is little being done by the government or anyone else in a position of power, to safeguard the Icelandic language against English and the digital age. Even now the responsible parties are looking the other way while English is being allowed more free reign. The young people are getting used to seeing things in English, on their computers, smartphones, tablets, many of the most popular apps today such as Snapchat, are only available in English. When people start getting used to this and stop worrying about whether a text is in Icelandic or English, the language is already dying. --- + How can we help? + You can help us by spreading our Save ÍSLENSKA* story and/or encourage people who want to start learning a new language, to consider taking the first step in learning Icelandic. Flashcards are one way to start learning but feel free to choose any other way you feel comfortable with and no matter what you choose, you help Icelandic to strengthen its bonds. *What is Save ÍSLENSKA? Icelandic in the local tongue translates it as íslenska. We,, built Save ÍSLENSKA (SÍ) to find people who are interested in learning the Icelandic language but at the same time, we also wanted to build a SÍ community where we can share our stories with the WORLD. We want people to be aware that the Viking language, Icelandic, could go extinct in only a few hundred years. The SÍ community is our hope for preserving the language for the generations to come. *Find out more about Save ÍSLENSKA: ☞

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