Video Press Release Example

Video Press Release Example


Video Press Release Example - For more visit: Many small or mid-sized businesses have a tough time getting in front of their ideal audience. A video press release is a cutting edge strategy that is more affordable than you realize. We offer a complete "done for you" solution for outstanding exposure. We know that as a small or mid-sized business owner, you need to focus most of your time on the daily running of the company. Your priority is managing your product or service to increase the bottom line. Wide Distribution. No matter the size, any business will benefit from press release distribution. Your news stories can get you coverage in blogs, news websites, trade journals, newspapers, magazines, and many other publications. Of course, you won't get that kind of publicity unless you actually write about your business in the first place! Extremely Cost Effective. Press release distribution gives wide distribution for a very modest investment. The additional SEO benefits it offers your website is also of great value. In fact the exposure provided by an engaging video press release offers much greater results than investing a similar amount into other forms of paid online advertising. Spread your message Virally. An interesting article will be spread throughout the various social media channels which will amplify your message beyond the original websites it gets listed on. Let us take care of your online marketing. We know you simply don't have enough time, or perhaps you're simply not that interested in keeping up with all the changing strategies that make up a successful online marketing campaign. Become an authority in your field. A Video Press Release is an outstanding way to present yourself as the ultimate authority figure in your field. Get cited in the affiliated network websites of major channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. This will identify your company as an authority in your areas of expertise. A Press Release With VIDEO Gets 55% More Views Than One Without (Case Study by Video Press Release Example

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