Commercial Photo Shoot - Utah Football "Hall of Fame" (Behind the Scenes -BTS)

Commercial Photo Shoot - Utah Football "Hall of Fame" (Behind the Scenes -BTS)


Please visit for more work from the Photographer. This is a behind the scenes look at a commercial photo shoot for the University of Utah Football "Hall of Fame" space. We were commissioned to create a series of iconic images depicting the emotion, action and energy of Utah Football and to symbolize where the program is headed as they enter the PAC12 conference. Kevin Winzeler worked with art and creative directors from Struck advertising agency to depict the visual style and storyboard for the project as well as the finished imagery.

Leicester city football club, creative photo shoot and editing

Thanks to Glen at escape Design & Print - we've managed to get through the gates of Leicester City football club and photograph images for them. It was a hard

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We couldn't wait any longer, excited to show you guys what we have been working on here at the mackney Studios. Really nice to be working with the Great British

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Westcott Top Pro Matt Hernandez, who specializes in sports photography, uses Photo Key 6 to remove a green background for a sports composite. Watch how Matt se

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Some Behind The Scenes footage of our Photo shoot with Crossfit Town Center along with some of the final images from the shoot by Ruddock Visuals.

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How To Photograph And Composite A Commercial Beverage Image In Photoshop.

Learn even more here: Fstoppers teams up with Commercial Photographer/Digit

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Gear Used: Solix: Stripbank: Stripbank Grid:

Powder shoot- fitness photography

A shoot using powder

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