How SPECTRUM cable (Time Warner Cable) can lock down your modem from other internet providers

How SPECTRUM cable (Time Warner Cable) can lock down your modem from other internet providers


UPDATE: POTENTIAL SOLUTION FOUND. By disconnecting the modem from the cable feed, unplugging it from power, then powering up without yet reconnecting to cable, I was able to access the reset functions of my modem. Restoring the factory settings and then restarting from that menu showed IPv4 only configuration. Reconnecting and rebooting the modem put it right back to IPv6 on Spectrum's cable. (I have not try this personally but its claimed to work) I explain how Time Warner Cable (TWC) or Spectrum can lock down your modem so other internet providers like WOW cannot use the modem if you decide to switch companies. #twc #timewarnercable Modem I use Surfboard SB6141 Gear used for videos: Subscribe link: Channel description: Ever say to yourself "I wish I would have known that earlier". Well my site tackles that question, from experiences I've gained in everyday life. Things such as buying a TV, fashion for the workplace, leasing a car and much more. This is an open forum where you can ask questions and hopefully learn from my experiences and from my closest colleagues. There will be new videos twice a month, at the beginning and middle of the month. I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support content made for this channel.

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