Mega Man XZ - Zero's Black Armor Test

Mega Man XZ - Zero's Black Armor Test


Estou aqui para mostrar o desenvolvimento de um fan-game que estou produzindo, ele se chamará Mega Man XZ, ele é baseado em Mega Man X3, que é um dos meus favoritos da saga X!


NDS [Long Play] Megaman Zero 2 ~ All Forms + Elves + Skills "Custom Soundtrack"

Rockman Zero 2: All Missions - 100 pts "S" Rank All Elves Collectes All Forms Unlocked All Skills Unlocked Download the Soundtrack Here:

[HD] Megaman Zero 100% ~ All Elves / 100 pts / No Damage

The game was modified in order to get better aspect ratio, is almost widescreen but still with some graphic bugs on the sides Stage times: 0:02:00 Underground

MegaMan Battle Network 3 -- Bass BS

BassBS will drop a new chip reward at an S-rank. Download the patch: This boss will on

Castlevania NKN - Playthrough - Part 11: Final Boss + Ending

This is a full playthrough for Castlevania NKN. Some tips and strategies for the game and production notes with random trivia. The game can be downloaded here:

Megaman X Maverick´s Fury Demo [DOWNLOAD]

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Mega Man X5: Cyber Maze Stage 2 (Zero Space)- No Damage, Buster Only

Second Cyber Maze stage, also known as Zero Space or the Zero Virus stages, from Mega Man X5 for the Sony Playstation PSX. No damage taken, buster only. Here we

Rockman 8 (Sega Saturn vs Playstation) Side by Side Comparison (Mega Man 8)

Mega Man 8/ Mega Man VIII/ Rockman 8: Metal Heroes Comparison - Sega Saturn vs Ps1/ Playstation.

Mega Man X5 - Cutscene: Time Runs Out; Zero Becomes a Maverick

This cutscene occurs if you for some reason allow the time for the Eurasia colony to crash run out (1 hour passes each time you visit a level, including when yo


It took a lot of sprites editing especially on the ride armor part and near the end but still I enjoyed doing it. This took a long time because it has higher fr

New Castlevania 2015 (French fan game project)

project is dead... Thank you for following and supporting this project. Staying on the lookout, it is possible that I create another project one day, I will te

Let's Play Mega Man ZX! (Part 1)

Been a long time coming. Today I show off the DS Mega Man series that is the spiritual successor to the Zero games. In the first part, we get accustomed to our

como obtener la buster de zero megaman x1

como obtener la buster de zero si quieren el juego aqui esta con emulador incluido: note: All music, sound effects, or a

Infinity Mijinion (Weapon Center) - Megaman X6 Music Extended

Megaman X6 music that has been extended to play for at least 15.5 minutes. This video was uploaded from This stream was

Megaman vs Zero - Megaman Unlimited Final

Hope Megaman 11 has an epic ending like this Espero que Megaman 11 tenga un final tan epico como este The game:

Mega Man X5 [100% Run] - Bonus: X vs Maverick Zero [Zero Virus Stage 3]

If Zero becomes a Maverick at any time during your playthrough, this version of Zero will be the boss you face in Zero Virus Stage 3. _________________________

Mega Man Z (SNES) - Longplay

A longplay of Mega Man Z, all item complete. Mega Man Z is a hack of Mega Man X by Falchion22, play as Zero. Download IPS Patch:

Megaman Zero Plan (fan game) + download

-Note: the game is not slow, that's because my pc is old -Nota: el juego no es lento, eso es porque mi pc es vieja Download:

Megaman X Mavericks Fury [ UPDATES ]

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[GBA] Mega Man Zero 2 (Full No Damage/No C.Elves/No E.Chips, EX skills/No Forms Run)

This is my tool-assisted run of the second entry in the Megaman Zero series. It has some self-restrictions as usual. Enjoy!

Castlevania fan-game

This is early stage of development. Game is not finished yet. Sorry for terrible quality and awful sound.)) Actual game runs way smoother and doesn't have th

[Wii] MEGA MAN 9 Longplay (Wii)

Go away japs. 糞食らえ

Mega Man X5: Cyber Maze Stage 3 (X vs Zero)- No Damage, Buster Only

Third Cyber Maze stage, also known as Zero Space or the Zero Virus stages, from Mega Man X5 for the Sony Playstation PSX. No damage taken, buster only. Here we

Megaman X9 Trailer NO SPAM

The time has come!! come and download the NOW!! Link: this game is not a SPAM!!, the game is really on maintenance you can check it on fa

Megaman Zero - BOSS RUSH

Megaman Zero - BOSS RUSH No Damage Zaber & Buster Only mechaniloids excluded boss list: Aztec Falcon 0:07 Hanumachine 0:35 Anubis Necromances 1:25 Maha Ganesha

loquendo descarga megaman zero gba y coleccion nintendo ds

aqui les dejo los link para que lo descarguen megaman zero 1 megaman zero 2

Cómo jugar TOTALMENTE con Zero en Megaman X3 Android

Es muy simple de hacer por eso lo hice muy dramático Página de romhacking sobre el creador: Puedes ver este y más

PSP Longplay [008] Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X (Part 1 of 2) Played by: Tsunao There will be some slowdown. Blame RemoteJoyLite. Besides, it was either slowdown (RemoteJoyLite 0.20-a) or f

Megaman Zero 3: Playing As Original X - Devilbat Schilt

Just a video I wanted to make, My last video that was titled X V2 was to outdated so I decided to make a normal video on it like this.

SNES Longplay [043] Mega Man X Played By: Parazzing

Megaman Zero 3: X Vs Copy X

Just thought it would make a cool video sense I've been bored lately... Patch Made By: megamanX970 Link:

Mega Man X Elf Wars (test stage) - Zero

The same senseless stage with: Batton Bone, Spiky MK2, Giga Death B and Playing with Zero this time. facebook:

Historia de Megaman ZX / Conexión con la franquicia

Conviértete en Patrón de este canal (Recibe regalos!): Canal de Gameplays (Torto Racoon Juega):

Megaman X6 en Español - Complete Game [PSX]


Rom Hack Rumble - Mega Man Zero 3: Mega Man X Rom Hack

This rom hack will allow you to play as the original Mega Man X in Mega Man Zero 3. However, the whole rom hack is in Japanese. This patch was made by MegamanX

Mega Man X - Rangda Bangda - No damage

Rangda Bangda beaten without taking damage using the X-buster. Its weakness is the Chameleon Sting. Played in real time on Snes9x v1.43 rerecording. Rangda B

Rom Hack Rumble - Mega Man Z

A Mega Man X1 rom hack where it switches the roles of X and Zero; making Zero the main protagonist. Also, there are Wily capsules instead of Dr.Light capsules.

Super Password para Megaman X 3 Zero Proyect (Obsoleto, leer descripcion)

Este video esta desactualizado. Para ver la nueva version (con todos los items incluyendo el sable de zero) ingresa aqui:

Megaman X9 Maverick Bosses (Fan Concepts)

Here's a special video showcasing my X9 Mavericks. For this set, There are 2 reptiles,2 mammals,1 marine animal, 1 insect, 1 plant and 1 bird. There's a Maveric

Mega Man X Corrupted - X's Opening Stage (remix)

Lots of tinkering with this one, trying to get the mix down. I really prefer the thicker, rounder sound of the other guitar I used in Nitro Man, Jewel Man and S

X vs Zero - Megaman X5 Music Extended

Megaman X5 music that has been extended to play for at least 15.5 minutes. This video was uploaded from This stream was

Megaman X3 Intro stage: Maverick Hunter X3 remix

The intro stage theme to Megaman X3, remixed to sound as it might sound in a Maverick Hunter X3 All credit for the track goes to this guy over here v http://ww

Mega Man Unlimited — Robot Master Boss Battle Theme (Remix)

My version of the boss battle theme with better second part. Phil, if you watch this, please know: you have to learn how to make notes NOT sound so chaotic...

Guía de Mega Man ZX Parte 1: ¡Préstame tu poder Biometal!

FACEBOOK DEL CANAL! : Mutsas grazies por ver este vídeo señores! Sean welcomeados al inicio de esta Saga tan corta pero

Megaman Zero 2 goes Rock - Departure (Intro Stage)

DOWNLOAD LINK below. I've been inspired by Mythos version, check it out too :) You can support me on Patreon Or buy my al

[TAS] SNES Mega Man & Bass "Bass" by sparky in 28:08.23

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see TAS originally published on 2011-02-23. Rockman & Forte (ロッ

Megaman X 4 - Repliod Sigma Vs. Maverick Zero [PS1 & SS ENG]

In a flashback sequence, Sigma, the most powerful reploid ever created, takes matters into his own hands as he orders his men to stand back, and confronts a dan

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X3 Blast Hornet

Well a bit of a wait for another tune from my remixes. But with other projects going, when it slows I'll try to get more out. But yeah this came to mind and I w

Mega Man FU - Ram Man [2A03]

Hey, I actually do originals sometimes. Mega Man FU is a Mega Man fangame(no way) which I was asked to do some music for by iYamWhatIYam, the project's overseer

RUNHP: Wind Waker HD speedrun (Cyborgchan Pillow giveaway)

Multistreaming with Twitch:

descargar MEGAMAN ZERO LA SAGA .CIA para nintendo 3ds

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