man crate opening unboxing gift package - fun gifts for him or friend easy online From Spectrum Bill

2017-12-13 252 2 2,647 YouTube

Man crate gift box opening and full of awesome gifts from our friend Spectrum bill. Great gift idea for that guy A great online gift to get for your friend or family member. This man crate is loaded with cool fun stuff and lots of beef jerky. whoever has to open this box up will have so much fun . Join me for this man crate opening and unboxing video. Great gift for him ! Stealth Diggers Store The new Dirty Town CD by the third life Promo code SDN for free shipping and a deal. * These links are to various equipment you will see in this video. If you purchase anything through one of those links it helps to support the Stealth Digger page so we can continue to produce high quality videos. It is sincerely appreciated and it does not affect your end cost at all. They simply give a very small commission. The Kerbinator's "Metal Detecting for Beginners and Beyond" Book: Charlies 5.11 Dump pouch Charlie's Maglight Pro LED with holster: Digger Charlie's small Sampson shovel: 5.11 Moab 6 sling Bag EDC Every day carry. Keebler's XP Deus: The Garrett ATPRO metal detector The Kerbinator's Minelab CTX 3030: The Kerbinator's Garrett AT profinder pinpointer: The Relic Elite finds pouch by many SDers: The Third Life Music Channel (all music by Charlie): Youtube channel for the Stealth Shack: The music featured in the videos is by Charlie and available on iTunes and most other digital music stores. Theme song ringtone on iTunes Stealth Diggers Theme ( Evil ) by The Third Life