How did Internet and Cable Companies Get Regional Monopolies in the United States?

How did Internet and Cable Companies Get Regional Monopolies in the United States?


I only have 1 ISP. You don't have many options either. Why? What about Net Neutrality? Watch to find out! SCREEN PROTECTOR: SUBSCRIBE: Thanks! ✌⇊More below! Click Show More!⇊ BATTLE FOR THE NET: SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: TWEET THIS EPISODE: PREVIOUS EPISODE: So the FCC won't let NN be, let the net be free so let me see. Who tries to shut it down? AT&T. But it feels so empty without Net Neutrality. 🐦 TWEET ME: 📸 INSTAGRAM ME: 👻 SNAPCHAT ME: 💵 PATRON ME: 🖥️ WEBSITE ME: 👽 REDDITIFY ME: 📧 EMAIL ME: [email protected] 💵 PAYPAL ME: 💬 JOIN THE TECHNICALITY DISCORD: MORE ESR LINKS: Website: Screen Protector: Phone Case: LINK TO FULL END SCREEN BLIPPER*: h3h3 Productions Part: Ajit Pai Part: (go dislike the video haha) *A Blipper is the quick little thing right before I go into the end screen. In this case, it is the h3h3/Ajit Pai meme. I'm basically Dolan Dark. MUSIC: Who Knows? by NICOCO. My good friend Jabril uses it in his vids, & I thought it would be great for this one. Check out NICOCO: I also used Without Me by Eminem! Great song by a great artist. Here's the music video: WORKS CITED: FEATURED VIDEOS: Vi Hart on Net Neutrality: John Oliver on Net Neutrality: h3h3 on Net Neutrality: Philip DeFranco on Net Neutrality: GEAR: Main Camera: Main Lens: Lens 2: Lens 3: Main Microphone: Microphone 2: Main Tripod: Tripod 2: Microphone Stand: Audio Interface: Studio Lights: Drone: Final Cut Pro: Teleprompter: Thanks to Azoz, Crispian Thorne, Dave Bell, Fredrik Østrem, Gerhard Blab, Hermes Higashino, Irina Mendenhall, Jenny Messer, Jonathan McKitrick, Joost Lawerman, Kevin McKain, Marijn Kuypers, NeonTiger, Nigel Airey (steelerboiy), Olle Kelderman, Paul Ginsherman, Reid Fishler, Rene Miklas, Ronald Leppers, Ryan Fowler-Hughes (dat1gui69), Scott Robinson, Shuaib Shameem, Trevor Jodrie, and Trygve Vea for being Patrons! This description is exactly 5000 characters (the limit). Made with love by Alex Nickel. //Technicality Episode 62//

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