Beautiful Handmade Box from Pallet Wood

Beautiful Handmade Box from Pallet Wood

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In this episode, I'm building a beautiful oak box using finger joints, also known as box joints, to bring together repurposed pallet wood I've had for awhile now. I also show a technique of transferring lettering to the wood using an iron. Nothing special here, I just printed out a backwards design I made on standard paper using an average everyday inkjet printer. Using heat from the iron, you're able to transfer the ink to the wood. Just be sure to mirror the image. Thanks for watching! --------------------------------------------------------------- Help support my free videos! Patreon: Stay up-to-date on what I'm building on Instagram: @BrettWithjack Or if you prefer Facebook: © Brett Withjack | Withjack Workshops More about me: Store: Withjack Workshops is a series of DIY videos showcasing fun and easy projects ranging anywhere from woodworking, restoration, and electronics of all kinds. The projects run the spectrum of easy to difficult, needing certain tools to accomplish but still easily completed by yourself. This particular video is a part of the series where I'm creating items for my Etsy shop to be sold online or just for the heck of it to try my hand at creating something new for the enjoyment of making, in which I can only hope it inspires you to make something yourself. Enjoy and subscribe!

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**Update** This is by far my most popular video and I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to watch it. It was a quick idea I came up with on the fly
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