How to Get XM Radio

How to Get XM Radio


Watch more How to Make the Most of Your Car videos: XM Satellite Radio offers hours of music, news, and sports in over 120 non-commercial program formats. Get XM Radio in your car, at home, or in a wide variety of locations. Step 1: Get a free XM Radio Online trial Sign up for a free 7-day XM Radio Online trial online. No credit card is needed. Sample most XM programs before you decide to buy. Tip Although XM Satellite Radio is not available in Europe, radio programming from BBC1 is included in the XM listening package. Step 2: Decide how you want to listen to XM Decide how you want to listen to XM Radio. Listen online with a paying account; or listen in your car, on your smartphone, or at home with a tuner. Tip XM Radio-ready smartphones and devices include the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry. Step 3: Buy an XM car radio Buy an XM car radio at a retail store, or online via the XM Radio Shop. Or if you have recently bought a new car, you may be able to get an XM Radio through the dealer. Step 4: Activate XM Radio in your car Call XM Radio's Listener Care Service to activate XM Radio in your car. If you don't have XM radio built-in, have your car retailer recommend an installer. Step 5: Activate your XM Radio account online Activate your XM Radio account online. Create a username and password, and enter your XM Radio ID. Also include credit card or other payment info. Tip The 8-digit XM Radio ID can be found on the back of your XM Radio. Step 6: Check if the activation process is complete Check if the activation process is complete. Scroll through the channels in sequence. For a home XM radio, point the antenna at a south-facing window. Did You Know? In 2006, SIRIUS bought 23,000 hours of uncensored Howard Stern radio shows from his 20 years at CBS.

Hack for SiriusXM Satellite Radio for $5 a month!

Use this hack to get SiriusXM Satellite Radio for only $5 a month forever! Nothing illegal, just a simple step could save you over $120 a year! Check it out! Si

SIRIUS XM IS A SCAM! & How to Get a Fair Price!

It's that time again! Every 6 months I have to call SiriusXM to "cancel" my subscription in order to get a reasonable price. Apparently all you need to do is te

Stratus 7 Sirius XM Radio - Unboxing

The Stratus 7 Sirius XM Radio is on sale now for $29.99. You can also get it for free if you purchase a six-month subscription. The home kit is sold separately.

Why I Cancelled MySirius XM Radio Subscription

The people who run Sirius XM Satellite Radio are like used car salesmen only much less subtle. Even though they enjoy a monopoly on satellite radio, there is no

XM XMp3i Portable Satellite Radio And MP3 Player

Take your favorite XM radio music with you on the road or on your way to school with the XM XMp3i Portable Satellite Radio & MP3 Player. With this convenient un

Sirius XM Radio User Guide

Sirius XM Radio User Manuel showing how to find stations using categories, direct tuning, presets, the jump feature including how to listen to local traffic and

SiriusXM radio scam - MUST WATCH

Disconnecting XM radio is a scam! First offer: $99.99 a year - Said no. Second offer: $49.99 a year - Not for all channels or Howard Stern Third offer: 27.99 5

How to get Free Internet radio into your Car's Sterero, using a 3G Cellphone

I posted this video for a couple reasons: 1) Others, besides the geeks, like myself, should be able to enjoy this. 2) Internet radio is quite awesome and lack

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This is a tutorial showing how to activate Sirius satellite radio in a 2009-current Maserati GranTurismo coupe or convertible and a 2011-2013 Quattroporte, Quat

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This tutorial shows you how to make more than 1 trial account for Sirius Radio.

How To Use Factory GM XM Antenna for Aftermarket SIRIUS XM Tuner - Easy

This is a quick video showing how to easily convert the factory XM radio tuner antenna in 2003-2006 (and 2007 Classic) GM trucks to work with almost any afterma

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Shop satellite radio at Crutchfield: When you add satellite radio to your car, you'll need to install a special antenna in order to receiv

Satellite Radio Installation (SiriusXM Radio) | AnthonyJ350 Commercial free radio! In this video I show you how to properly install Sirius Satellite Radio using all the proper parts in a 2008 Aud

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This video shows how to use the XM Radio system wiring to install an AUX input to your car. This was done on a 2004 GMC Yukon, but should be able to be done any

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Watch more Car Audio 101 videos: Hi my name is Movin On, and I've been working in the fie

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Learn how to get started using your SiriusXM All Access trial subscription by sending a refresh signal to your BMW (if necessary) as well as registering your ac

How to Get Free Stuff

Watch more How to Make Money Fast videos: Free—it’s the f-word that everybody loves to hear. The


*The content in this video does not belong to me; I am NOT claiming copyright* A high note battle between Mariah Carey and Beyonce. ~ Mariah Carey Carr

How to use features of the SiriusXM All Access package

In this video learn how to use features of the SiriusXM All Access package available in your BMW including change view option, saving presets, Smart Favorite fe
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